Return on Investment Achieved for Companies Using Impact Systems Software Tools to Expedite Documentum Migrations

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Impact Systems announces their EMC certified software tools - Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™ - have helped companies significantly reduce time, cost and risk when migrating to EMC® Documentum® 6 platforms.

Impact Systems Inc., (, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software tools and services, announced substantial return on investment that companies have realized utilizing Impact Systems' software tools and services to expedite Documentum migrations.

As companies evaluate how to best accomplish a successful Documentum migration, Impact's A-C-E™ methodology is helping companies assess the size, shape and complexity, along with potential risks, in migration projects. Companies are also seeking off-the-shelf software tools to help streamline this complex process into a repeatable process and reduce time, cost and risk. Impact Systems responded to this market need by developing two software tools - Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™. Together, the tools help companies manage and migrate large amounts of data - configurations, content, metadata and related content. Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™ users, ranging from global life sciences companies to global technology companies, have accomplished Documentum migrations in 25% less time.

This configuration management software, accredited as Designed for EMC, transports a complete set of configuration parameters, including templates and associated policies, from one repository to another with built-in pre-verification and report generation. This repeatable and verifiable process is a significant time and cost-saver in regulated industries.

This intelligent content and metadata transfer and bulk load software, accredited as Designed for EMC, is a unique, modular tool that allows customers to reduce the time and cost of migrating and managing large amounts of content, metadata and related content plus governing rules in a verifiable, repeatable manner.

Documented ROI Examples
Impact Systems:

  •     Used both Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™ to support a company's EMC Documentum migration for significant cost and time savings - combined, these tools saved four months of manual time. The entire content migration process was completed within forty-five days, a month and a half ahead of schedule.
  •     Used Q-Config™ to set up the customer's development environment quicker and do what-if case studies to minimize customization and maximize configurations. Once the set-up was complete, the customer was able to transfer the configuration using Q-Config™ from development to test to validation and production in 20% of the time, completing the deployment in "miracle time".
  •     Set up a new Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) application with all necessary configurations for a customer site. Using Q-Config™, the customer was able to use the same basic configuration to upgrade and migrate all five of their sites in one year (vs. the two years it took them to roll out the initial system).
  •     Migrated controlled documents, and all related content, metadata, renditions, and audit trails using Q-Transfer™, from each source repository into its corresponding target Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) repository, for a customer. As the sites were similar in configuration, the ground work done on the first site was reused to accelerate migration of the remaining sites.
  •     Used Q-Transfer™'s mapping functionality to resolve the path forward between the Documentum source repository and the target repository, since their configurations were different. Then, the 300,000 documents and associated metadata were loaded into the target repository in five days.

About Impact Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1996, Impact Systems provides deployment and migration services for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Additionally, the company has developed a proprietary suite of configuration management, content and metadata transfer, and bulk load software tools that provide significant time and cost savings for deployments, migrations and ongoing electronic content needs. Impact Systems has developed a proven, comprehensive migration process, including an upfront Migration Analysis Assessment. The company has delivered migration solutions to satisfied clients in the life sciences, manufacturing, technology and financial services markets, across ECM (EMC Documentum, FileNet, Open Text, Lotus Notes and SharePoint) platforms. In addition, Impact Systems specializes in deploying regulatory business solutions such as Compliance-in-a-Box for clients in the life sciences (medical devices, biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare) markets. Impact Systems is a member of the EMC2 Consulting/Select Services Team, and is an Adobe® and Kofax partner. Visit Impact Systems at or call 302-573-6864 x105.


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