Investigative Agency Docusearch Predicts Rise in Cell Phone Number Searches for 2013

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Docusearch believes the occurrences of cell phone number searches will exponentially increase, primarily due to the amount of businesses and individuals now using cell phones instead of landlines. Docusearch claims this prediction follows on the heels of last year’s successful claim that license plate search would be big for 2012.

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Since we staff licensed, professional private investigators, each requested search goes through an extensive search process to find the credible information needed to get to the bottom of the respective request.

Docusearch, a Forbes favorite company and leader in the online investigative industry, is proud to announce its prediction for what it believes will be its most popular search service for 2013: a cell phone number search. The search allows a user to find an individual’s cell phone number based solely on the individual’s full name, social security number, and street address. Docusearch claims having the subject’s previous cell phone number helps make the search easier, though it’s not necessary. And while having all of that information may sound laborious to gather, the individuals utilizing a cell phone number search tend to be landlords, employers, organizations, and other such entities privy to such information. These entities often must contact the individual to finish an incomplete financial transaction, or the individual is needed in some legal situation, but the cell phone number on record no longer works. Thus, these entities turn to Docusearch for assistance. For more information regarding the 2013 prediction, we turned to a Docusearch private investigator:

“The days of the landline have long since been deceased, but only recently have we seen an uptick in the amount of cell phone number searches being placed, with 2012 being one of the most successful years seen to date. Combined with the amount of affordable smartphones coming onto the market, this data reveals a shift in the investigative market toward more cell phone-based searches, specifically toward searches looking for an individual’s cell phone number. Since we staff licensed, professional private investigators, each requested search goes through an extensive search process to find the credible information needed to get to the bottom of the respective request.”

The Future of Cell Phone Searches

With over two decades beneath their belt, Docusearch has seen the online investigative market shift countless times. And each time, the shift has followed a “predictable pattern that almost always follows the pattern that came before it,” says the aforementioned Docusearch private investigator. Apparently, the pattern sees a single search rise above the rest, eventually plateau, hold for a few months, and then delve back down to what the company considers “sustainable levels,” meaning a long-term, stable pattern that can last for possibly years. Will this happen to the cell phone number finder service? “Of course, it’s bound to eventually happen, as nothing can stay at its peak forever,” said the Docusearch team member. “This doesn’t necessarily mean that cell phone number searches will deteriorate in popularity. No, it only means that the market’s demand stabilizes out to an even pattern.”

As for when one can expect a search’s market to stabilize, Docusearch will not say, claiming it’s a process that organically comes out of data collected during the search’s increase in demand. Putting a definitive decline expectation on the search now could, as the Docusearch team member jokingly claims, “be bad luck for the long-run.”

When to Expect Prediction Results

Although Docusearch cannot definitively say when they expect the cell phone number search will decline after its predicted rise in popularity, they can say when to expect results proving or disproving their prediction: within three to six months. This amount of time gives the company the ability to gather the necessary data to see if their prediction has come true.

“People don’t like to wait, but there’s nothing we can do about it. We need enough data to actually see if the reality followed our expectation. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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