Docusearch Extends Hidden Brokerage Account Search to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Docusearch continues to improve services with additions to the popular Brokerage Account Search. The addition of a Free Resource Directory alongside their premium Brokerage Account Search allows consumers to get more “bang” for their buck.

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Hiding assets is an unfortunate by-product of marriage in the United States. It is sad that people hide assets like stocks, bonds and securities from their significant other; but it still occurs often.

Docusearch, a private investigation solutions company featured by Forbes “Best of the Web” is expanding its range of resources to include capabilities for finding hidden stocks, bonds and securities. It’s no secret that many people every year will go through the divorce process, which can be a lengthy and oftentimes frustrating legal process. Those who are going through the motions of a divorce often aren’t aware that assets can be hidden, and are surprised to learn that many people do in fact have stocks, bonds, and securities kept secret from their ex partner. It can be relatively simple to hide assets from a marital partner, but these hidden securities can be revealed easily with the use of Docusearch’s Brokerage Account Search. Because Brokerage Account Searches are most commonly used by those going through the divorce process, Docusearch has added an additional database to better assist those currently going through the legal procedures of a divorce.

This new database expands services of the Brokerage Account Search to include over 135 free resources nationwide. The addition of this directory will allow users of the Brokerage Account Search to more easily identify hidden assets. Some marketing critics may argue that bundling additional services into one search at no cost will cause any business to lose valuable sales, but Docusearch believes that customer satisfaction should come first. A Docusearch investigator explains why they believe that the addition of these resources is not only helpful to customers, but is morally the right thing to do.

“There often comes a time in business where you will need to decide if you are more concerned about profit, or maintaining an honest business that genuinely aims to assist its customers. It can be too easy to sacrifice company integrity for a couple of dollars; however at Docusearch we believe that there is no price on our integrity. We believe that it is important to look at your business model through the eyes of the consumer, and to consistently update your business in order to better fit the needs of the customer. Through offering our customer hundreds of resources at no cost, we have been able to establish brand trust and recognition with our customers, because they know that they aren’t getting the proverbial wool pulled over their eyes. If our free resources don’t exactly cut it, our customers are comfortable with opting for a paid service, because the value of our services is clear.”

Many marriages these days end in divorce, and that is no secret. In today’s day and age, there are more people who are looking at divorce through a different light. As time continues the divorce rate continues to increase, along with the demand for Brokerage Account Searches. The Brokerage Account Search also assists married couples in identifying hidden assets within the marriage.

“Hiding assets is an unfortunate by-product of marriage in the United States. It is sad that people hide assets like stocks, bonds and securities from their significant other; but it still occurs often. Fortunately, our Brokerage Account Search allows our customers to secretly and securely identify hidden assets, without the individual learning that their assets are being uncovered.”

In addition to adding to the range of capabilities of a Brokerage Account Search, there is another search that is now available to our customers. A divorce-related hidden Bank Account Search is a useful tool to uncover hidden bank account information. It's important to note that the Brokerage Account Search is a nationwide search while its counterpart, Bank Account Lookup, is searched by state.

To learn more about Docusearch's free resource directory or brokerage account search, please visit You can follow Docusearch by joining them on Google Plus or Facebook.

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