License Plate Lookup Agency, Docusearch, Discusses Competitive Instantaneous Results

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With the increasing appearances of websites offering instantaneous investigative search results, Docusearch stepped forward to recommend customers not use these services. As a Forbes-favorite featured company and a leading investigative agency, Docusearch asserts all instantaneous results come from databases, and the results do not come from an actual investigator performing a search. While the convenience of the fast turn-around time may be appealing, this convenience comes with a near guarantee that the resulting information will be either inaccurate or out-of-date, thus making the search worthless.

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These instantaneous websites prey off people’s lack of patience.

The rise of online businesses comes with both positives and negatives. The positives are obvious: faster turn-around times, shopping hours that never close, and easier customer-to-corporate accessibility. All of this makes the shopping experience better for everyone. However, for certain industries, these positives can actually lead to negatives. Case in point, many online investigative agencies promise instantaneous turn-around times for all license plate lookup requests. The customer literally presses a button and then sees a result. But where are these results coming from, and how accurate can they be if they arrive so quickly? According to Docusearch, the answer is that the results often are not accurate, because they’re coming from databases purchased from companies looking to sell off out-of-date information. Yes, the customer is receiving information at an instantaneous rate, but the information is inaccurate and irrelevant to the individual’s need for the license plate lookup. It’s a big mess, and to understand exactly how much of a mess it can be we asked a Docusearch team member for further details:

“These instantaneous websites prey off people’s lack of patience. The websites don’t have a team of professional researching the information, and many customers aren’t aware of that. The customers just want results now, and they don’t care about where the results come from. Finding credible information takes time. It’s not something that just – poof – comes out of thin air. And it’s really unfortunate to see so many customers fall for their ploy.”

Why Professionals Make the License Plate Lookup

Here’s an analogy: there’s a huge difference between the food one receives at a fast-food joint and the food one receives at a sit-down restaurant. Why? Well, the fast-food joint is designed to provide results at an unbelievably fast pace, that’s their goal. They want customers to order, wait the shortest amount of time possible, and then receive their product. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, because all that matters is the shortness of time between request and reception. This is the same goal of instantaneous license plate lookup websites.

However, the sit-down restaurant version of this example has professionally trained chefs preparing the food. They take the necessary amount of time required to prepare a nutritious meal that leaves one satisfied. The primary goal is customer satisfaction with an end product. Having a private investigator prepare your license plate lookup results means you’re not receiving the fastest result – you’re receiving the most accurate result. There’s a huge difference.

Imagine paying for information, only to realize it leads to the wrong person. Imagine the headaches from pursuing that lead. Even worse, imagine the legal complications. Receiving the wrong information could lead to all sorts of issues, and the risk of out-of-date information is not worth the instantaneous satisfaction.

Sensitive Information Requires Satisfying Results

With a license plate lookup dealing with such sensitive information, Docusearch believes that the results must be found by a trustworthy organization. Moreover, the results must contribute in some way to the receiver’s life. It must be a piece of information that makes their life easier, not more difficult, and it has to be a satisfying experience. After all, the information pertains to identities, and no one wants to know that their identity is being given out by some website promising instantaneous results, especially if those results are incorrect.

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