Metal Door Handles Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Spreading Harmful Bacteria, Says Handle World

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Keeping door handles clean can aid in reducing the risk of spreading harmful bacteria in your home. Scientific evidence shows that due to the surface structure of metal, harmful bateria can be more easily removed by standard household cleaning products.

A recent trial at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham has revealed that copper door handles, locks, toilet seats and taps could help to eliminate most bacteria. Laboratory tests showed that the metal, which is not an especially common material used in door handles and knobs, was successful in preventing the spread of Clostridium difficile and MRSA. Although copper is thought to ‘suffocate’ the bacteria, the metal is by no means the only type of material that is effective in reducing the build-up of bacteria on door handles and knobs.

Bacteria and viruses are essential to life on Earth; however, not many people would wish to accommodate an abundance of germs in the home as a means of thanking the micro-organisms. Bathrooms and kitchens are especially prone to large and potentially troublesome accumulations of bacteria. Salmonella, listeria and E.coli are among the most common types of germ to be found in the kitchen, which ought to be kept as clean as possible in order to limit the risk of the bacteria causing illness to humans.

Kitchen drains, sinks and sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria, many of which enter and spread throughout the home via uncooked food produce (including eggs, meat and vegetables). Bacteria can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms in people, including diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pains, chills, headaches, fever and dehydration. Unfortunately, bacteria such as E.coli and listeria can prove fatal in humans.

Aside from ensuring that washing up sponges are regularly replaced, drains cleared and unit surfaces disinfected, the homeowner can help to reduce the risk of bacteria in the kitchen by ensuring that door handles and knobs are kept clean. Wooden door handles and knobs, although aesthetically appealing, are not as easy to keep clean as their metal equivalents. Grooves and contours in wood can harbour bacteria even after relatively intensive cleaning.

Handle World supplies numerous chrome, steel, brass, nickel and bronze door handles and knobs that are designed in part to maintain good standards of hygiene. Rounded stainless steel or chrome door handles are particularly suitable for use in the kitchen because they can be wiped down easily with an appropriate disinfectant and do not usually comprise any flaws, cavities or crevices in the finish. Metal door handles and knobs also tend to be quite shiny, which means that grubby fingerprints and food stains stand out easily, making the task of cleaning all the more straightforward. Although metal door handles cannot eliminate bacteria in the kitchen, they can help to improve hygiene standards to a significant degree.

Handle World, part of Interior Goods Direct Ltd, is a specialist in door handles and door accessories.


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