Studies Show That Motorcycle Helmets Can Help Prevent Cervical Spine Injuries in Accidents.

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The fact that motorcycle helmets help save lives is nothing new, however, recently conducted studies by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are revealing just exactly how these helmets can save lives and prevent injuries with proper use. Experts advise wearing a helmet each time you ride a motorcycle because this can protect riders from suffering the dangerous, often fatal, consequences of a serious injury.

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It's been clearly proven how motorcycle helmets can help prevent brain injuries in accidents, but newer studies are showing that wearing a helmet can protect much more than just the brain. For example, a recently conducted study revealed that wearing a helmet also reduces the occurrence of a cervical spine injury in addition to reducing the risk of brain injuries.

The study was conducted at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where a team of established researchers studied records of motorcycle accident collisions occurring between the years 2002 and 2006. The records were acquired from the National Trauma Data Bank, which establishes them as being a reliable resource with full details and unbiased representation. After studying piles upon piles of the collected data, the researchers concluded that motorcyclists who wore helmets were significantly less at risk to suffer from a cervical spine injury in an accident. After a few calculations, the study concluded that the risk was even as high as 22% less of a risk when individuals were placed in comparison with those not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

This study has had groundbreaking effects on the medical community as well as the general public. This is because a commonly held misconception that motorcycle helmets increase the risk of cervical spine injury has been one of the more popular ideologies among helmet critics. This dangerous belief is possibly what attributes to adults frequently shunning helmet wearing when riding a motorcycle. The more outspoken critics of the motorcycle helmet would utilize dated studies (some amounting to 25 years in age) as compelling evidence that wearing a motorcycle helmet can increase the risk of neck and spinal injuries. It's especially important to note how old these studies are because the general composition of motorcycle helmets now is more advanced and eliminates this risk, as the study has proven. Modern motorcycle helmets are lighter and more ergonomically designed. Some of the latest models of motorcycle helmets include an added strength factor for ultimate protection against all injuries.

Cervical spine injuries are unfortunately very common results of motorcycle accidents. More specifically, these injuries can cause serious (even fatal) damages to the spinal cord that can ultimately end in partial or total paralysis. In other words, this is a serious matter that we should not take lightly. Cervical spine injury is a tragic reality, but it's one we must face in order to progress and help combat by facing it in a mature and effective way. The study revealed that of all of the injuries accident victims have suffered, cervical spine injuries were not only the most common, but the most serious and most fatal of all the conditions. These injuries are especially serious considering that most cervical spine injuries require painful, expensive surgical treatments to be fixed if they are even capable of being corrected at all.

It is important to remember that these tragic results are just the result of victims neglecting to wear their motorcycle helmets when riding. It is unfortunate that such severe repercussions could have been corrected with something as simple and preventative as a motorcycle helmet. Advocates against motorcycle helmet use no longer have any credibility on their side thanks to the recent study by the researchers at Johns Hopkins. Based on the results from this study, it is encouraged that current motorcyclists go the extra mile to protect themselves by always wearing a motorcycle helmet when riding. There are literally no downsides to wearing a helmet. Motorcycle helmets help save lives, prevent cervical spine injuries, prevent brain injuries and ensure your overall protection while riding. With all of the advanced designs on the market today, there are no longer any compromises to make. If you study the facts, it's easy to see that motorcycle helmets are an essential component of protecting yourself from injuries while riding in case of a serious accident.

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