Life Coaches, Psychologists, Chiropractors and Social Workers: Taking Their Business to the Next Level in 2012

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Chicago, IL is hosting Dr. Michael Cotton from AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ to share business and career opportunities for Life Coaches, Social Workers, Chiropractors and Psychologist on April 26.

Energizing the prefrontal cortex of the brain through pathways in the body creating a quantum affect in personal growth.

Why I decided to become a HBL (Higher Brain Living®) facilitator? I wanted to wake people up and help them make substantial and sustainable life changes that I knew were necessary for them for their healing.

A Wisconsin based "Higher Brain Living®" Specialist named Dr. Michael Cotton is expanding his expertise this year throughout the United States with a focus on creating a WIN / WIN story with professionals in the Life Coaching, Psychology, Chiropractic and Social Worker Industries. "I find those folks to be an amazing sector of society," said Dr. Cotton, "and will be dedicating my focus on creating a business relationship with that clientele in the upcoming months," by inviting them to a April 26 downtown Chicago, IL business opportunity ( that will allow them to energize client’s highest part of their brain which quickly allows individuals to tap into their purpose and passion through a leading edge personal development system.

Dr. Cotton is CEO of "AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™" and creator of the neuroscience technique which promotes healing in the body, mind & spirit with a major dedication to the highest part of brain activity that helps humanity thrive in all dimensions of life activities. "My business background has allowed me to spend this part of my career helping mankind to shift from lower to higher brain living," said Cotton, "and my internal drive at this stage is to connect with valued members in the Life Coaching, Psychologists, Chiropractors and Social Workers sectors and expand the number of " AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ Centers" which number at five right now in the Midwest with major expansion plans on the horizon."

The opportunity to generate a lucrative income as CEO of an individual business opportunity was reflected in the following testimonial by Dr. Ann Bell, CEO of Elm Grove AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ Center ( "Why I decided to become a HBL (Higher Brain Living®) facilitator? I wanted to wake people up and help them make substantial and sustainable life changes that I knew were necessary for them for their healing. I was also looking for the same for myself and I got it! In my process of coming into the care myself I have had tremendous improvements in happiness, contentment more abundance in business, change in business, purchased a home, better health and deeper more meaningful relationships with those that I love. To me this is truly a gift of freedom ... not only to receive but even more so to offer to another human being as the world needs this happening to it!"

The event in Chicago will outline the steps involved for becoming a Licensed Center CEO on April 26:

Thursday, April 26
7:00pm – 9:00pm
AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center
Fine Arts Building
410 South Michigan Avenue
Suite 414
Chicago, IL 60605

Dr. Cotton’s presentation and demonstration is complimentary if registered before April 22 then cost is $95. For more information and registration:

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ promotes a movement of energy from the lower survival brain to the higher part of the brain so a person can thrive in all areas of their life. Created by Dr. Michael Cotton, Higher Brain Living® signals a major physiological shift in the transformation of humanity. A one-of-a-kind technique that frees fear-based lower brains, Higher Brain Living® offers clients the chance to create an extraordinary new life, to thrive, to let go of stress and overwhelm, to experience joy, confidence, and passion and to grow and evolve every day. Each client is provided a map and tools to be able to execute higher brain physiology which allows a new way to be, and a new way to do in the world. For more information go to

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