How An Auger Works: Mr. Rooter's Expertise

Mr. Rooter's Tip Of The Day: The toilet waterway undulates like a snake. The blockage points are always at the bends.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

“Augering a toilet sends a clutter head snaking through the bends and ultimately removes the blockage,” says Bob Beall, president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh. Mr. Rooter offers free plumbing tips daily. Serving 2.9 million customers in the Northeast Ohio and Southwest Pennsylvania areas, Beall is the most referred plumber and offers the free second opinion.

“The toilet waterway undulates like a snake. The blockage points are always at the bends,” says Beall

Mr. Rooter’s Tip Of The Day

BONUS TIP: If the toilet has an unfinished porcelain surface in the waterway, and has an iron buildup where the water filters down around the rim or into the bowl, replace the entire toilet.

Tip #1 To use an auger, first withdraw all the cable into its plastic body.

Tip #2 Insert the auger end into the bowl, pushing the auger so it follows the waterway within the toilet.

Tip #3 To aid the insertion, turn the handle. If you feel an obstruction, keep turning the handle so the auger end can tear at it. Eventually, the obstruction will rip apart.

Tip #4 An auger will normally work on common stoppages. However, if the stoppage is an object, such as a toy, toothbrush or crayons, it may turn and let the auger head through. Then an auger won’t help.

Tip #5 Referring to Tip #4…It will be apparent that this is happening when the toilet flushes well with water only but will stop up when toilet paper is thrown in (it catches on the toy).

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