Dreamline Unidoor Shower Doors Is Now The Best Selling Line of Dreamline Brand

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Choosing the right shower door for an average consumer could be more complicated than it looks at the first glace. There are details that can easily be overlooked causing costly mistakes and project delays.

Dreamline SHDR-20607210

Dreamline SHDR-20607210

Larger models of Unidoor shower doors starting from 35” to maximum 60” in width use a stationary panel with two types of support

Although it seems that buying a shower door is a fairly simple and straight forward process it usually is more intricate than that.

The first thing that has to be done by a potential shower door buyer is to have the shower door opening measured exactly all the way from the bottom to the top of the opening. A careful attention needs to be paid to the measurements between several points in the door opening. Please also note that Dreamline recommends installation of the door itself directly on a stud or on a 2x6 wood reinforcement behind the wall. The measurement for the door needs to done after the finishing material on which the door will be installed is in place, if it is not in place a professional installer should carefully account for the thickness of i.e. tiles and the mortar (on which the tiles are set). Although not very obvious, the mortar thickness has to be taken into account as well.

24” to 30” Unidoor doors (models ranging from SHDR-20247210F to SHDR-20307210F) don’t have out-of-plumb adjustment, that’s why the walls have to be absolutely plumb and square with the threshold. If the wall on which the door itself is mounted is out plumb and out of square with the threshold the bottom portion of the door may rub against the threshold or show a growing gap between the door and the threshold. If the opposite wall to the hinges is out of plumb the door may rub against it at the bottom or at the top (in extreme cases it will be impossible to close the door) or the edge of the door will show unwanted growing gap between the edge of the door and the striking plate.

Starting with the model SHDR-20307210-01 (chrome) or SHDR-20307210-04 (brushed nickel) - 30” shower door that uses 24” pivot door with 6” stationary panel - the wall accuracy requirement is more forgiving since the wall on which the stationary panel is installed has a 1” adjusting strip that can be used to compensate for out-of plumb line or the width.

Larger models of Unidoor shower doors starting from 35”(models SHDR-20357210C and SHDR-20357210CS) to maximum 60” in width (models SHDR-20607210 and SHDR-20607210S) use a stationary panel with two types of support. Models with a letter “S” at the end of the model number (i.e.SHDR-20487210S) use two clear glass shelves as a support and stabilization for the stationary shower panel. Models without additional letter at the end of the model number (i.e. SHDR-20527210) use a support arm for the stationary panel. It is important to pay attention to the additional support (glass shelves or support arm) used with the stationary panel because the wall adjacent to the stationary shower panel has to be at least 12” – 16” long in order to accommodate the support.

All Dreamline shower doors are available at Warehouse USA http://warehouse-usa.com, they are on sale with free shipping throughout 48 contiguous states. For more technical information or in if in doubt please don’t hesitate to call 888-693-8066.

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