FarStone Technology Releases DriveClone 3.5 Pro: Disk Imaging and Continuous Data Protection for Universal Coverage

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FarStone Technology, Inc. today announced the latest release of the popular disk imaging software, DriveClone. DriveClone 3.5 Pro is designed to provide businesses and tech-savvy consumers with both instant relief from system and data disasters, as well as local backup solutions for long term data protection needs, and in the event of hard drive failure. DriveClone 3.5 Pro is based on FarStone's patented disk imaging and snapshot technologies as seen in version 3.0 and boasts a new Universal Restore capability allowing users to restore an entire system to dissimilar hardware.

It can be used as endpoint protection for a business's workstations or laptops, which may not be connected to a network, or it can be used independently in a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environment.

    DriveClone 3.5 Pro includes features based on snapshots for quick system recovery when any number of common digital disasters occurs, such as a malware attack, bad software installation or user error, like an accidental file deletion. DriveClone 3.5 Pro also includes features based on disk-to-disk imaging and cloning to allow the user to make complete system backups, and schedule incremental updates and store these backups on an external USB drive, a network share or even to CD/DVD media.

"DriveClone 3.5 Pro is an all-in-one backup and recovery solution designed to provide disaster recovery from a variety of system problems," said Andy Chang, FarStone's vice president of marketing. "It can be used as endpoint protection for a business's workstations or laptops, which may not be connected to a network, or it can be used independently in a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environment."

In conjunction with disk imaging, DriveClone 3.5 Pro's adds two new features that are not available in the previous version, USB Hot Drive and Universal Restore. USB Hot Drive allows a user to clone Windows from a local hard drive to a USB drive and easily perform disaster recovery in Windows without worrying about RAID or SCSI support. The Universal Restore capability provides a user with the ability to restore a complete image to a system with dissimilar hardware or virtual machines. System files, installed software and settings will appear exactly as they were when the hard disk image was created on the original system.

"There are not many market solutions available today that offer this convenient and sometimes necessary feature to recover a system to new hardware," added Andy Chang. "DriveClone's Universal Restore feature provides an automated way to move from one system to another regardless of the reason for the hardware upgrade. Also found in FarStone's DriveClone Server product for the SMB market, the technology of Universal Restore has also been made available for consumers, with inclusion in DriveClone 3.5 Pro. We like to think that we're effectively providing business-class technologies for everyone concerned with having complete system recovery, but at an affordable price."

DriveClone 3.5 Pro is now available as a 30-day trial download and for purchase from the FarStone website. It retails for $59.99 per purchased software license.

About FarStone's Snapshot Technology

FarStone's snapshot technology is designed to provide continuous data protection (CDP) for tracking all sector level changes on a system. Every time a sector-level change is observed, a copy of the change is stored in a hidden and protected partition on the local hard drive. This "secure area" is safe from malware attacks and accidental deletion by an end user. Snapshots are recorded at user-defined schedules as frequent as every hour and can be manually taken at any time. The changed sectors are referenced between two given snapshots and when the need for recovery occurs, the user simply chooses a prior snapshot to roll back the system and the changes that occurred between the two snapshots are undone, thus resetting the system to an earlier state.

About FarStone's Disk Imaging & Cloning

FarStone's disk imaging and cloning technology allows users to backup an entire hard drive or a single partition by copying the used data sectors from a source hard drive to a destination hard drive in the form of an image file. Users can also clone from a smaller hard drive to a larger hard drive, or resize a partition on the destination hard drive. Cloning and disk imaging are done within Windows and do not require a system restart. All personal data, installed applications, operating system files, settings and configurations will be replicated on the destination hard drive. Image files can also be created as bootable images in the event that a user has to reinstall a system to a new and unformatted hard drive. Common drivers are automatically found and installed during the process, thus negating any hardware incompatibility issues when migrating a system from one manufacturer to another.

About FarStone Technology

FarStone Technology, Incorporated is a pioneer in continuous data protection, disaster recovery and storage management. Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology provides consumers, SOHO and small/medium business with technologically advanced, easy-to-use and affordable disk imaging, system snapshot and bare-metal restore software and solutions. With headquarters in Irvine, California, the company designs, develops and markets its software and solutions to value-added resellers, distributors, service providers and branded Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. For additional information and evaluation copies of FarStone products, visit our web site at http://www.farstone.com.

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