Dr. Jesse Stoff Reacts to Link Between Asthma and Highway Congestion

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A new study reveals that living near a heavily congested highway can lead to a greater risk of asthma—a finding that has merited the attention of immunologist Dr. Jesse Stoff.

Motorists and passengers alike know the many frustrations that come from highway congestion, particularly the frequent highway congestion that comes with living in a major urban area. According to a recent medical study, highway traffic jams are more than just frustrating. They can also be hazardous to an individual’s help. The new study finds that living near a congested highway can significantly increase the risk of asthma—findings that have earned the attention of Dr. Jesse Stoff, a leading immunologist.

The study, conducted by SUNY Downstate Medical Center in conjunction with Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, reveals that living near a heavily congested highway can lead to a significant rise in the risk of asthma. The study surveyed the health and wellbeing of residents within the same community—some of whom lived close to a busy Interstate, others farther away. Those who lived in greater proximity to the congested highway experienced a much higher presence of asthma.

The report won the attention of Dr. Jesse Stoff, who has responded with his own statement to the press. In his statement, Dr. Stoff says that understanding the ramifications of this study first requires an understanding of the very nature of asthma.

“Asthma occurs when the small airways in our lungs react to something that causes them to become irritated and inflamed by going into a spasm and constricting,” explains Dr. Jesse Stoff. “This causes the classic symptoms of asthma, which include shortness of breath, wheezing, and in severe cases can lead to death. It is a serious disease.”

Dr. Stoff goes on to say that every asthma case is a different. “Triggers vary from person to person,” he observes. “For one patient it may be dust while for another it’s the family dog.”

Dr. Jesse Stoff goes on to say that the recent highway congestion study is ultimately unsurprising. “Toxic chemicals, such as those that spewed from the catastrophe of 9/11, or stem from the chronic exposure to petrochemical fumes from motor vehicles, will cause subtle and progressive lung damage in most people, eventually leading to asthma, COPD and emphysema.”

Dr. Stoff concludes his statement with a note of optimism, and praise for the highway congestion study. “Recent studies that demonstrated the causal effect from second hand cigarette smoke paved the way for looking at the larger picture of the affects of airborne toxins and the development of asthma,” the doctor notes. “This research article is an important step in increasing our awareness of the effects of our environment, and what we have done to it, and the later development of the potentially life-threatening disease, asthma.”


Dr. Jesse Stoff is a leading immunologist who has devoted much of his career to medical research. Additionally, Dr. Stoff serves as a consultant and has accumulated a great deal of experience in acupuncture, naturopathic activities, private practice, teaching, and sharing his findings through published writing. In recognition of his work, Dr. Jesse Stoff has received a long list of awards, board certifications, and other recognitions.

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