Dr. Marty Becker Picks Best In Show at Global Pet Expo

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"America’s Veterinarian" Dr. Marty Becker chose his"Dr. Becker's Best" products from among tens of thousands on display at the world’s largest pet-supply trade show. The veterinarian for "Good Morning America" and "The Dr. Oz Show" and also a best-selling author and a regular contributor to PARADE magazine, Dr. Becker sent his team of pet experts onto the show floor to help find the finalists at Global Pet Expo, which just wrapped its annual event in Orlando. Dr. Becker and his daughter, dog-trainer Mikkel Becker Shannon, also used to show to launch their new ABC News video podcast series, "The Pet Doctor With Dr. Marty Becker."

Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian"

The Tagnabbit was one of those products that made you smack your forehead and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?

Dr. Marty Becker, the popular veterinarian for “Good Morning America” and “The Dr. Oz Show,” reviewed thousands of pet products both new and time-proven to come up with his 10 favorites -- “Dr. Becker’s Best” -- at Global Pet Expo the massive international pet products trade show put on annually by the American Pet Products Association.

Working with his team of pet-care experts who fanned out over seven football fields' worth of pet-care products at last weekend's trade show, Dr. Becker narrowed his list of favorites to ten, and then chose one from that list as Best In Show.

The winner: The Tagnabbit ($3.99) from Petmate (Petmate.com). The winning product is also one of the show’s least expensive, an innovative clip for pet tags that allows pet-owners to switch collars without breaking fingernails on split-hooked fasteners, or needing pliers to close an "S" hook. The Tagnabbit will hit the pet retailers in July.

“The Tagnabbit was one of those products that made you smack your forehead and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?,” said Dr. Becker, who also writes a syndicated newspaper column (through Universal Uclick), is a regular contributor to Parade magazine and an author of best-selling pet-care books. “The clip is easy to move from one collar to the other, and fastens securely. As a veterinarian, I’m very aware of how important it is to keep current ID tags and a license on a pet, and this product just makes it easier.”

Dr. Becker and his daughter, dog-trainer Mikkel Becker Shannon, also used Global Pet Expo as a launching pad for their new Web-exclusive pet-care series premiering on the ABC News Now Web site, “The Pet Doctor With Dr. Marty Becker.” The first of these video podcasts is now up at ABCNewsNow.

Information on all 10 of Dr. Becker’s Best is available on his Web site, Dr. Marty Becker’s Pet Connection. Follow Dr. Becker on his Facebook fan page or on Twitter.

The rest of Dr. Becker’s Best:

Pet Therapy Jacket
Warm Whiskers (WarmWhiskers.com)
$37.99 to $49.99

Veterinarians know how important hot or cold therapy is for an injured pet, and the pet therapy vest keeps the packs where they need to be. The packs are secured to the vest with amazingly strong material that is easy to attach – and remove, too! Perfect for pets with arthritis or who are recovering from injury or surgery. And the jacket is reversible, for a softer fit.

AirCatditioner (AirCatditioner.com)

Invented by a former New York City building manager, the AirCatditioner looks like an window unit air conditioner, but it houses a cat litter box – and keeps it ventilated, too. The hinged front has a small cat door, and the entire door flips down to allow for the easy cleaning of the litter box. A shelf in front of the facing allows cat to jump up to make getting through the cat door easier.

Doggie Doo Drain
Doggie Doo Drain (DoggieDooDrain.com)
A plumber has invented a better way to clean the yard of pet waste. This green plastic funnel-shaped cylinder connects to a sewer or septic clean-out pipe. Put the waste in the cylinder, add a small amount of water and put the lid on. It’s gone with the rest of the sewage, on the way to the treatment plant. 

Lol Dog/Wild Hares
Our Pets (OurPets.com)
$4.99 (LOL Dogs) and $6.99 (Wild Hares)

“Edgy” is the word for these plush squeaker toys, which will engage a younger group of adult pet owners. Like the popular Ugly Dolls line for kids, the Wild Hares aim to ditch the fuzzy-cute factor of so many dog toys. Tge LOL Dog line appeals to the same generation, using emoticons from texting, chat and e-mail groups. OMG --- or is that OMDog? – there’s a dog toy for every mood.
Kong Wobble
Kong (KongCompany.com)
Kong is known for toys that eliminate boredom and prevent obesity by dispensing treats as the dog plays with the product and works to get the goodies, and the Wobble takes this concept even farther. With an easy way to screw the toy open and closed, the Wobble is a great addition to the always popular Kong line-up.
Playful Parrot (PlayfulParrot.com)
$179.95 -$198.95
The perfect carrier for an avian companion, this clear plastic piece of travel gear has a perch and bowls, and comes in sizes to fit birds from cockatiels to small macaws. The stainless steel door opens wide to allow for the easy and safe exit for the bird, who’ll be more comfortable even at the veterinarian's because the pet can see everything that’s happening. A bird can even fly in the Wingabago – it’s designed to be compatible with FAA regulations.  
Cat In Style Butterfly Chase
Hagen (Hagen.com)
A corrugated cardboard scratching board that looks stylish without the high cost good design often carries. The curvy, comfy butterfly chase offers both a place for a cat to lounge and a place to scratch – actually, several places to scratch. Mod purple sides with abstract floral give it a Miami vibe.
BioBubble (BioBubblePets.com)
Talk about versatile! The BioBubble is designed to be a habitat for fish, reptiles or even pet insects. Use it as an aquarium, or pop the top and add a ring to add space and ventilation. One product, suitable to many different pets, and good looking enough to be a fixture in a child’s bedroom or an office.  

Power Leash
Absolutely New, Inc. (Absolutelynew.com)
$39.99 and $49.99

Work out while exercising your dog. The power leash is a 16-foot retractable leash with weights on the handle. The leash is controlled with a simple push from an index finger, and the weights are balanced for cardio-fitness – yours, of course!


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