Dr. Marvell Scott Confirms Benefits of Massage in Pain Treatment

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Dr. Marvell Scott, a board-certified physician who specializes in sports medicine, understands the many benefits that massage has to offer. As such, he urges his patients to take advantage of the healing that this form of therapy provides.

Dr. Kirby Gengler, a Colorado-based chiropractor, has recently announced that he believes massage therapy to be of key importance in the recovery of his patients. Dr. Marvell Scott, a board-certified physician who specializes in sports medicine in New York City, corroborates this assertion with his own experience. In fact, Dr. Marvell Scott incorporates massage into many of his patients’ specialized care plans and urges patients and doctors alike to take advantage of the benefits this form of therapy provides.

Dr. Gengler asserts that many valuable physiological changes occur during the massage process. He cites a drop in blood pressure and heart rate as the key components that allow patients to relax. Likewise, he notes a drop in cortisol to signal a decrease in stress and an increase in endorphins to signal positive feelings. Called “feel-good” hormones, endorphins allow patients to leave the office feeling calm, focused, and relaxed.

But Dr. Marvell Scott and Dr. Gengler agree that massage holds more potential than that of a simple relaxation method. This form of treatment benefits patients who have suffered injuries or who have chronic medical conditions. Strained, pulled, and even torn muscles can cause the body to overcompensate for its injury, resulting in a chain reaction of tight, painful, and stiff muscles. Patients with injuries often find that, due to this chain reaction, their range of motion decreases, and their flexibility is minimized.

“Deep muscle massage unlocks pain trapped deep inside the fascia, providing relief for chronic back pain and other injuries,” remarked Dr. Gengler.

Dr. Marvell Scott knows that massage complements chiropractic and physical therapy treatment, which are all used in his practice. His experience has shown that a comprehensive approach, one that includes chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage, is much more effective than treating an injury with only one technique. As a result, he urges many of his patients to take advantage of the benefits that massage therapy has to offer.

“One of the more popular services that we offer at Performance Health is Corrective Manual Therapy,” commented Dr. Marvell Scott. “This type of massage therapy helps alleviate pain as well as decrease muscle and joint stiffness. Our patients respond to this type of treatment tremendously well, along with our physical therapy and chiropractic care. The real key is the myofascial release that takes place to help improve the patients’ range of motion and help restore blood flow to the area.”

The creator of the Performance Health Program, Dr. Marvell Scott provides concierge, performance, and sports medicine. He creates personalized care plans utilizing a variety of treatment techniques, including chiropractic and massage. As a result of his well-rounded skill set and ability to tailor treatment options to the needs of patients, he assists his patients in overcoming the injuries and chronic medical conditions they face.

For more information about Dr. Marvell Scott and how he integrates massage therapy into his patients’ treatment plans, visit http://www.performancehealthnyc.com.

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