Dr. Marvell Scott Encourages Kids to Remain Active, Improve Cardiovascular Health

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A new study proves that children who spend more time in front of computer screens and televisions display lower rates of cardiorespiratory health. Dr. Marvell Scott, sports medicine expert, believes these results should inspire parents and children to spend more time off the couch to promote healthier growth.

A new report from USNews confirms beliefs that children who spend too much time in front of television or computer screens are more likely to have lower levels of fitness. A recent study published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found an association between more screen time and reduced heart and lung fitness levels, also known as “cardiorespiratory” fitness. As a physician who is well aware of the impact proper exercise has on health, Dr. Marvell Scott urges parents to consider these results and encourages children to find an activity that minimizes time spent in front of a screen.

The study observed 2,000 children, aged 11 to 13, and noted their relative levels of time spent in front of a screen and cardiorespiratory health. The article explains that participants recorded the amount of time they remained stationary in front of computers or television. The individuals then ran shuttle laps to determine fitness levels. As anticipated, the study found that children with higher records of screen time completed fewer laps. The article states, “This association was strongest in children with mid-to-high cardiorespiratory fitness levels, and was independent of physical activity levels.”

For Dr. Marvell Scott, the study is a major wake-up call to those who live in the modern age. Rising rates of childhood obesity in conjunction with ever-increasing technology trends pose a serious threat to the health level of America’s future population. Dr. Marvell Scott understands that it is nearly impossible to avoid computers and televisions in today’s world, so he suggests children follow the guidelines of the NFL Play 60 campaign. “Children should be outside playing for at least 60 minutes a day, instead of sitting inside watching television or playing video games.”

The doctor adds that physical activity has many benefits that extend far beyond cardiorespiratory health. Scott explains, “Playing Little League or youth football not only will keep your children physically fit, it will put them in that 'team' setting which will teach them social skills at a young age.”

However, prompting change among America’s youth can prove a difficult task, as many of the associated behaviors are formed through routine. Dr. Marvell Scott adds that parents play an essential role in encouraging children to become more active and improve heart and lung fitness. He concludes, “Don't forget going outside to throw the ball around or shoot some hoops adds to some great quality time as a family!”


Dr. Marvell Scott is a chiropractor and sports medicine expert who founded the Performance Health Program. As part of his efforts to improve health and fitness, Dr. Scott develops personalized care plans that utilize a variety of treatments, such as massage. His versatile skill set allows him to create treatment plans that fit the individual needs of patients to overcome injuries and reduce symptoms associated with chronic medical conditions.

To learn more about Dr. Marvell Scott and his treatments, visit http://www.performancehealthnyc.com.

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