Dr. Marvin Lagstein Reinforces Importance of Flossing Daily

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While numbers of people who actually floss are quite low, there are several types of dental floss available to make the process easier. Dr. Marvin Lagstein, pediatric dentist, stresses the importance of flossing on a regular basis.

While many Americans have embraced the act of brushing their teeth on a daily basis, the important step of flossing is still not that popular. Although dentists express time and time again the importance of flossing on regular basis, it just does not seem to come across as a mandatory hygienic practice. A recent article from The Huffington Post discusses the many forms of dental floss available and how they vary. Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S., author of the article notes that it is not necessarily a matter of particular floss brands being superior to another, but simply finding one that fits. No matter what a patient prefers in terms of dental floss type, expert dentist, Dr. Marvin Lagstein, pinpoints how healthy flossing habits can form.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Marvin Lagstein is often the first to tell young patients just how vital flossing is. While he may provide patients with a free starter set of floss, there is no actual guarantee that the patient will use it. He explains that flossing should be embraced by every age demographic, but that it is most important to instill these behaviors while a person is still young. Simply, if it becomes a part of an expected routine, it will not be a challenge in future years. He expresses that it is the parent’s responsibility to floss; if parents and children floss together, it will not only improve the oral health of both individuals, but will also set a strong example that the child will most likely follow.

However, many may find it difficult to floss because in their experience the process was uncomfortable, the floss shredded or the thread was hard to manipulate. The article outlines and suggested popular types of floss for patients trying to enter a flossing routine. The most prevalent is nylon floss, which is proven to “get the job done,” and the newer, monofilament floss which may be preferable to some as its fabric does not rip or tear. Of course, these products come in a variety of materials, sizes and sometimes, flavors, just like the endless versions of toothbrushes that consumers choose from.

However, no matter how many products are available, dentists are still urging patients to use them in the first place. Dr. Marvin Lagstein believes that many people understand that flossing is important, but they do not always understand why it is so essential. He believes that dentists should explain the health benefits of flossing to motivate people to floss. Lagstein notes that flossing does not apply to oral health exclusively, and explains, “Studies have shown that inflammation of the gums is directly related to heart disease. Flossing is essential to overall health!”


With over 39 years of private practice experience, Dr. Marvin Lagstein has provided continual, expert care as a pediatric dentist. Having graduated from Brooklyn College, as well as the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Lagstein has advanced his care to specialize in fast-acting, invisible braces. He is also noted for filling an essential role in the development in this unique practice that improves dental alignment.

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