Dr. Michael Kaplan Praises New Study on Sex and Prostate Cancer

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New medical techniques seek to treat prostate cancer with minimal invasion, ultimately enabling patients to return to normal sex lives. These techniques have won the attention, and the favor, of urologists like Dr. Michael Kaplan.

Prostate cancer is undoubtedly a serious concern for many men, especially once they reach a certain age. For men faced with prostate cancer, however, the disease itself is only one worry among many. There is also the matter of the procedures available to treat prostate cancer, and the various side effects that might ensue. Some of these procedures have been known to leave men impotent, unable to enjoy a regular sex life. New techniques are seeking to change that, however, and some of them have won the attention of leading urologists like Dr. Michael Kaplan.

For the many men who wonder if they will be able to enjoy sex again after prostate cancer treatment, the answer is frustratingly hard to pin down. To a large extent, it depends on the art of medicine itself, and to the level of skill on the part of the surgeon. The less invasive the procedure is, the more likely that the man will encounter minimal side effects. That’s why so many new techniques focus on making prostate cancer treatment as non-invasive as possible.

One such technique is the use of the Davinci robot, which enables surgeons to make a small incision and to remove the prostate with little or no loss of blood. This is ultimately very effective in reducing the risk of impotence. However, the instrument is so precise that it can be very difficult to effectively operate it, and many surgeons feel like it is not an ideal option.

Meanwhile, a new method, simply called the SMART technique, takes a different approach. This up-and-coming methodology has proven very effective in treating prostate cancer without jeopardizing the patient’s potency. While it comes with drawbacks of its own, primarily the fact that it will prove costly to teach the technique to a new generation of surgeons, the procedure has nevertheless won the enthusiasm of many noted urologists, among them Dr. Michael Kaplan.

A Las Vegas urologist who offers services in both prostate treatment and treatment for erectile dysfunction, Dr. Michael Kaplan notes that this new technique shows promise, but also that there are alternatives for men who are left impotent by prostate treatments. “This technique shows promise,” he comments. “Men who have developed erectile dysfunction can also be rehabilitated with a number of new treatments.”

Indeed, Dr. Michael Kaplan’s practice offers a variety of options to deal with impotence, particularly for men who have undergone prostate removals. These treatments range from implants to medications.


Dr. Michael Kaplan is a urologist whose practice is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A physician who specializes in performing vasectomies, Dr. Michael Kaplan also provides a number of other services to patients, including those pertaining to prostate health, erectile dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and Peyronie's Disease. He is known for his zeal in minimizing pain and patient recovery times, and also for his high standards of patient care.

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