Dr. Ralph N. Purcell Urges Carpal Tunnel Awareness, Points to Warning Signs

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As more and more Americans spend their days sitting in front of computers, carpal tunnel is an increasingly major concern among physicians—which is why orthopedists like Dr. Ralph N. Purcell are urging awareness.

Carpal tunnel is a medical condition that affects many Americans, and it is growing more commonplace all the time; indeed, some doctors link it to long periods spent typing at a computer, which explains why, as more Americans workers are computer-bound, instances of this medical condition are on the rise. Despite its increased prevalence, however, carpal tunnel is a condition that many Americans do not truly understand—which is why some doctors, including orthopedist Dr. Ralph N. Purcell, are urging carpal tunnel awareness.

Indeed, for Dr. Purcell, being aware of the symptoms of carpal tunnel is the first step toward treating it—and possibly avoiding long-term damage. Dr. Purcell has released a statement to the press, informing individuals of some of the most common warning signs of this condition. “Beware of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, as this problem is often progressive and can lead to permanent nerve damage,” he cautions, going on to list the major symptoms as hand numbness, weakening, and tingling.

The orthopedist also says that his warnings are hardly just for those who work at their computers all day; while this may sometimes be the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is far from the only cause. “It is important to recognize that the workplace, with its computers and keyboards, is not the only cause of carpal tunnel syndrome; diabetes and arthritis can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome,” writes Dr. Ralph N. Purcell. He continues by saying that ultimately, nobody is immune from the threat of this condition. “Sometimes people even suffer from this problem for no apparent cause.”

The reason why so many orthopedists are beginning to urge carpal tunnel awareness is that, when untreated, the disease can, indeed, cause permanent nerve damage—but new treatment options are becoming more effective all the time.

“Newer techniques such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release can return people to the workplace, and to their hobbies and sports, five times faster than the open, traditional approach,” confirms Dr. Ralph Purcell.

Ultimately, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when inflammation occurs, affecting tissue and nerves that run from the forearm to the fingers. In addition to the symptoms and warning signs listed by Dr. Purcell, orthopedists also urge attention to such signs as soreness around the base of the thumb. Even pain, radiating toward the shoulder, can indicate a problem with carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition to basic awareness of its symptoms, carpal tunnel can be treated through consulting with a physician. Dr. Purcell and others in his field are constantly advancing the treatment options and hand surgeries that exist to alleviate the pain of this condition, and ultimately protect the nerves against long-term damage.


Dr. Ralph N. Purcell is a leading orthopedist, and a specialist in surgeries that offer treatment for carpal tunnel and other conditions of the nerves. He is also a leader in the field of sports medicine and treatment of related maladies and injuries.

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