Dr. Ralph N. Purcell: New Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment Research Could Advance Medical Care

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Regenerative Sciences has announced further development of its orthopedic stem cell treatment thanks to a $2M donation provided by John C. Malone, PhD. Noted orthopedic professional, Dr. Ralph N. Purcell regards this promising investment as one that can change the landscape of non-invasive treatments.

Although stem cell advancements show innovative promise in the treatment of several medical conditions, the practice is one that is still highly controversial. It is for this reason that it is very difficult for medical researchers to attain the necessary funding to continue research to develop stem cell treatments for widespread medical use. However, according to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal, a $2M donation from Dr. John C. Malone will help one company known as Regenerative Sciences further research and development for orthopedic stem cell treatment. As a noted leader in sports medicine and orthopedics, Dr. Ralph N. Purcell applauds this generous act that he expects will further non-invasive solutions for those who suffer from a variety of painful ailments.

The treatment developed by Regenerative Sciences utilizes the patient’s own stem cells in order to repair damage caused by common injuries or more degenerative conditions such as those that weaken cartilage, ligaments and tendons. The article also notes that stem cell use could repair osteoarthritis as well as bulging spinal discs. Dr. Ralph N. Purcell provides further insight into just what this kind of treatment can promise for future patients, “Regenerative Sciences is a forward-thinking company forging ahead with maximizing noninvasive stem cell procedures. The benefits of this modality are clearly being documented with reversal of arthritic changes in joints, more rapid recuperation of tendons and ligaments after injury and reconstitution of discs.”

As an experienced orthopedic doctor, Ralph N. Purcell has implemented non-invasive, as well as invasive procedures to correct many of these issues. He notes that a move towards non-invasive treatment is one that will lead to a brighter future in orthopedic practice. According to the article, these stem cell treatments are very easy and comfortable for the patient to undergo. It explains that patients “experience little or no downtime from the procedures and avoid the lengthy rehabilitation period associated with most surgical procedures.”

While the donation from Dr. Malone provided a great advantage to the innovative medical research company, many professionals understand that there is still a great need for further financial support. Dr. Ralph N. Purcell hopes that Americans and other medical professionals will see the worth in this treatment and continue to learn about stem cell application. “A future with more of these noninvasive but beneficial applications of this technology is at our doorstep.”


Specializing in treatments for patients who suffer from carpal tunnel and other hand conditions, Dr. Ralph N. Purcell is a highly-regarded orthopedic professional within the American medical community. He is also a high-level practitioner in sports medicine who is very familiar with athletic-related injuries and conditions. While using the most current technologies and practices available in his field, Dr. Ralph N. Purcell is able to provide his patients specialized one-on-one care that ensures the best treatment available.

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