Dr. William Boothe Provides Insight into Family Eye Care

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A new study highlights the importance that most Americans place on their eyesight, but also the continued prevalence of ocular diseases. The study has won the attention of Texas cornea specialist Dr. William Boothe.

The gift of sight is one of the most precious possessions in the world, something that is soundly affirmed by a recent survey conducted by KRC Research on behalf of Bausch + Lomb. According to the study, Americans place a great deal of importance on their ability to see, with seven out of ten study participants saying they would sooner give up the use of a limb than give up their eyesight. Even so, ocular problems remain commonplace, with more than a million Americans, aged 40 and over, suffering from legal blindness. These new findings have won the attention of Dr. William Boothe, a Texas-based cornea specialist who is passionate for family eye care.

Dr. Boothe has responded to the study with a new statement to the press, commenting on the study’s findings and offering some of his own general tips for families seeking to improve their eye care standards. “There are many fascinating statistics in this new study, including the reality that nearly 70 percent of Americans, above age 13, suffer from some degree of vision impairment,” notes Dr. William Boothe. “We all know how precious sight is, and most of us know at least a little something about what it means to have diminished capacities for vision. As such, all of us should place a greater emphasis on eye care within our families.”

The cornea specialist says that the most important thing families can do is ensure that parents and children alike are receiving regular ocular checkups, a point that he says is implicit in the study results. “It is obvious from the study that the majority of Americans have vision impairments, yet many of us are not even aware of it, nor do we seek treatment,” Dr. Boothe observes. “Many ocular problems can remain asymptomatic for long periods of time, and without regular visits to an ophthalmologist, these conditions can remain undetected and ultimately grow increasingly severe. Regular checkups are great preventative measures.”

There is another reason why regular eye exams are important, Dr. William Boothe continues. He notes that in many instances, an eye exam can spot early signs of heart disease. He explains that heart problems are often made manifest in the smallest blood vessels before they are evident in any other ways—and the smallest blood vessels are those in the retina. “A regular trip to the eye doctor can help ward off all kinds of serious health issues,” he offers.

Ultimately, Dr. Boothe suggests that families make annual eye exams a priority. “What these new study results show is that we all want to take better care of our eyes,” he says. “Receiving regular exams is the best step toward doing exactly that.”


Dr. William Boothe is a cornea specialist who has performed over 130,000 LASIK laser procedures. For many years Dr. William Boothe has done more intralasik than anyone in the world. He has shared his expertise teaching other surgeons his techniques. He has memberships in numerous professional organizations, including the American Medical Association, Texas Medical Association, Texas Ophthalmologic Association, International Society of Refractive Surgery, and more.

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