Dubai Shopping Festival Brings Great Bargains, Dubai Online Shopping Offers Sale

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Dubai Shopping Festival is in full swing. is offering magnificent savings on a whole range of products. We look at the broader historical rush of talent coming to the city of Dubai in the hopes of a better future. The fresh ideas being generated are giving rise to a Dubai online shopping landscape that is still relatively new to the biggest shopping destination in the world. As the E-commerce industry is expanding in Dubai shopping on the internet is set for measured growth even as the recessionary pressures continue.

Young Entrepreneurs Bring New Energy to Dubai

We're averaging a month-over-month growth of 120% since inception in the 4th quarter of 2008, an online shopping Dubai headquartered company, announces an irresistible sale for its luxury corporate gifts line until end of February, 2009. All Mont Blanc pens, cufflinks, wallets, and accessories are available at a 25% discount. brings new energy to the UAE shopping experience.

Looking at the history of the country, when the British-Trucial Sheikhdoms treaty expired, the United Arab Emirates gained independence on December 2nd, 1971. In the last 37 years, and as recently as last year, the country had become home to the single most iconic city in the world: Dubai. What Dubai had accomplished would have been unimaginable. Amidst one of the most geo-politically unstable climates the leadership of the country had demonstrated that without any oil reserves, it was able to gain the business world's attention through a real estate development movement, outstanding business acumen and unparalleled scope for personal as well as corporate prosperity.

The gold rush brought scores of Ivy League graduates, savvy New York corporate executives, world-renowned architects and the best professional minds from all seven continents of the world. Dubai was no longer a story to read about in the press. Dubai had become a must-have curriculum vitae adornment necessary to gain a professional edge over your competition.

However, soon after the US financial system began its recessionary cycle following the Lehman Brothers collapse on September 15th, 2008 the domino effect of the world's remaining superpower left a relentless path of monetary turmoil over an increasingly globalized world economy. With it, are the ambitious dreams of Dubai also at risk? Even as it gained the title of the new Paris for shopping, according to AMEInfo a minimum of 40% correction is expected in the retail renting space. The world's largest Dubai shopping malls are struggling, and many businesses are facing distressing uncertainty.

In a time when there isn't a lot of good news around in conventional retail and shopping, why then is a team of entrepreneurs operating an international technology company out of offices in Dubai and Texas so upbeat?

Dubai online shopping firm CEO Hamad Ahmed announced recently that "business is booming." An engineer from the top ranked University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Ahmed and his team of thick-spectacled internet gurus are changing the online retailing landscape of Dubai. "We're averaging a month-over-month growth of 120% since inception in the 4th quarter of 2008".

In an interview from's recently refurbished office, Mr. Ahmed stated that, "Our online set up allows us to be lean vis-à-vis our competition…. In a time when businesses are looking to cut costs, we are operating without expensive retail space and without a lot of competition… The opportunity in online retail is remarkable..." The online shopping UAE store sells Patchi in Dubai flowers delivery however is nationwide.

As the Dubai Shopping Festival is in full swing, is offering great deals to online consumers by marking up to 25% off on luxury corporate gifts. has a daily sale on perfumes, which includes free shipping throughout Dubai and UAE.

As more consumers prefer to watch TV at home instead of going to the theater, home bound shoppers are similarly turning to the internet to save time and money.

Businessmen that were drawn to the promise of Dubai are finding that in trying times, brick and mortar companies are facing difficult challenges. Then again, entrepreneurs have discovered that despite the chaos, niche markets are still creating positive momentum.--

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