DUIAttorneyTampa.org Launches Online Resource Center to Provide Information to People Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Comprehensive Info Center for Locating Facts about DUI Laws in Tampa, Florida.

How to Find the Best DUI Attorney in Tampa Bay Florida

Find the Best DUI Attorney in Tampa Bay Florida

DUI Attorney Tampa supplies the necessary resources for getting familiar with Florida DUI laws and locating local law firms who understand law enforcement protocol.

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DUIAttorneyTampa.org is pleased to announce the launch of their information center to supply information and resources to individuals charged with driving under the influence. People facing this criminal charge should take time to become educated about their rights and the consequences they face if convicted.

Along with providing essential facts, the DUI Attorney Tampa website provides tips for locating the best lawyer in Hillsborough County. The resources are especially helpful to visitors who do not know where to turn for legal counsel.

While the best course of action is to entirely avoid drinking and driving, people do make mistakes. One or two alcoholic drinks can cause blood alcohol levels to exceed legal limits. Those who err in judgment or wrongly accused of DUI need to have a good criminal lawyer to represent them in court.

Finding a law firm that makes their clients a priority and works hard to make certain they receive due process is imperative. Attorneys can analyze evidence to ensure Tampa law enforcement remained in compliance with state law when the arrest occurred.

Tampa DUI attorneys will look over records to determine if proper police procedures were followed and if there was sufficient probable cause. They also analyze chemical testing procedures to ensure tests were administered correctly and equipment is calibrated.

DUIAttorneyTampa.org supplies the necessary resources for getting familiar with Florida DUI laws and locating local law firms who understand law enforcement protocol.

Legal consequences are based on the kind of DUI arrest. In Florida, arrests are classified as first, second, third, fourth, drunk in public, and DUI refusal.

In Florida a first offense conviction can result in 6 months in jail, or longer if other factors are involved. These include things such as accidents with bodily injury or property damage; having a minor in the vehicle; or excessive blood alcohol level (BAL).

Furthermore, Florida's Zero Tolerance Law severely punishes those who are underage and get behind the wheel. An underage drinking conviction can result in a minimum six month suspension of driving privileges and possible incarceration.

Florida Statute 562.111(3) makes it illegal for persons less than 21 years of age to have alcohol in their possession. Minors can be charged with underage possession of alcohol; a second degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 60 days in county jail.

There are certain circumstances which allow adults to enter into a plea bargain to reduce their sentence. This is known as a "wet reckless" conviction and lets defendants reduce charges to reckless driving.

Wet reckless plea bargains are generally only accepted by Florida prosecutors when defendants do not have prior DUI arrest and when their blood alcohol content level is at or slightly above the legal limit. Anyone who decides to enter into a wet reckless plea bargain needs to get help from a qualified DUI lawyer in Tampa.

Tampa DUI lawyers possess the experience required to reduce or eliminate drunken driving charges. Finding the right attorney will help defendants prevent accidentally surrendering their rights or facing stiffer punishments.

DUIAttorneyTampa.org is available 24/7 to assist individuals who are facing the criminal offense of drinking and driving, underage drinking or possession, or public intoxication.

Those who become familiar with Florida DUI laws and spend time finding a good attorney can improve their chance of lessening the punishments of this serious criminal offense.

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DUIAttorneyTampa.org provides vital information to help people arrested for driving under the influence understand state laws and locate the best Tampa DUI lawyer to defend their case. Get help now by visiting http://www.DUIAttorneyTampa.org.

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