DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale.net Announces the Launch of New Website Offering Legal Resources to People Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Locate Experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI Law Firms and Get the Facts about Consequences of Drinking and Driving in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Due to the fact Florida ranks #4 in the number of DUI arrests and is known for their zero tolerance laws it is imperative for those who have been arrested to retain the best lawyer they can afford.

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DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale.net announced the launch of their new legal resource website offering information about DUI laws and the consequences associated with driving under the influence in the Sunshine State.

DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale provides important information and helps defendants locate quality legal counsel. Visitors can obtain a better understanding of the various DUI charges, chemical tests, legal rights, defense strategies, and how to find the best criminal defense attorney in the area.

Due to the fact Florida ranks #4 in the number of DUI arrests and is known for their zero tolerance laws it is imperative for those who have been arrested to retain the best lawyer they can afford.

Ft. Lauderdale is a hot spot for college spring breakers. Each year hundreds of young adults, many of which are underage, are arrested for driving under the influence or public intoxication.

Unfortunately, during spring break a lot of underage drinking goes on. Not only is it against the law to consume alcohol under the age of 21, it is also illegal to possess it.

Most minors are unaware that Florida institutes a Zero Tolerance Law for underage drinking and possession. Those who break the law will have tough consequences including loss of driving privileges, court fines, legal fees, and possible incarceration.

Oftentimes, arrestees are on vacation and visiting from another town or state. They have no idea where to turn for legal help. This is a primary focus for DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, as the site directs visitors to experienced criminal defense resources.

Furthermore, the website provides information about the various DUI offenses and penalties associated with each. Multiple factors are considered before final penalties are determined.

These include things such as prior arrests, blood alcohol content levels, and extenuating circumstances surrounding the arrest such as having a minor aged child in the automobile or causing an accident or fatality.

The simplest way to prevent being arrested for driving under the influence is to not drink and drive. Those who choose to get behind a wheel after consuming too much alcohol place their self and others on the road at risk.

Countless people are killed every year by the hands of drunk drivers. Few people have much pity for those who make poor decisions and take the life of another human being.

On the opposite side, countless people have been falsely arrested for driving while intoxicated due to improper police procedures or faulty sobriety testing equipment.

Anyone who is arrested for a crime they did not commit must get help from the best Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer they can afford. Attorneys will review all facets of the case to determine appropriate defense strategies to clear their client's name.

There are instances when people are arrested based on a slightly elevated blood alcohol content. Those who do not have prior DUI convictions can opt to take a plea deal to reduce charges to reckless driving rather than driving while intoxicated.

Known as a "wet reckless" this plea bargain can be beneficial for people who depend on driving to make a living, such as truck drivers, taxi drivers, and chauffeurs.

Any person who is arrested for driving under the influence in Fort Lauderdale needs to hire an attorney as quickly as possible. Florida revokes driving privileges at the time of arrest. In order to have them restored until the time of hearing requires defendants to attend a special hearing within 10 days of their arrest.

People who spend time becoming familiar with Florida DUI laws and seek help from experienced criminal defense attorneys have a better chance of lessening charges against them.

DUILawyerFortLauderdale.net is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help those arrested for DUI, underage drinking, or public intoxication.

DUILawyerFortLauderdale.net provides valuable information and resources for people arrested for driving while intoxicated. Visitors can obtain important facts about Florida drunk driving laws and locate suitable Fort Lauderdale DUI law firms at http://www.DUILawyerFortLauderdale.net/.

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