Are The Days of Duplicate Content Numbered with Newly Released Software?

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Duplicate content issues and related search engine ranking problems create daily headaches for thousands of webmasters. Canadian software author, Dewald Pretorius, today released two software products that can solve duplicate content issues on WordPress blogs and PHP websites.

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Online webmaster forum discussions clearly indicate that duplicate content is not only a search engine scourge, it's a webmaster and SEO nightmare as well.

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Canadian software author and webmaster, Dewald Pretorius, today released two new software products that are focused on solving the duplicate content worries of many webmasters across the globe. "I initially wrote the software out of a personal need and frustration with duplicate content problems, and as an afterthought realized what a big market there is for it," said Dewald Pretorius.

"Imagine how impossible your task would be to recommend a restaurant and meal to a friend if all restaurants were MacDonald's franchises. That's the challenge that Google and other search engines face when deciding which results to return for most of the millions of daily searches," said Pretorius. "Online webmaster forum discussions clearly indicate that duplicate content is not only a search engine scourge, it's a webmaster and SEO nightmare as well."

Blog posts that appear on the main index page, the category pages, and the individual post pages of a WordPress blog constitute duplicate content. Search engine optimization efforts have long focused on reducing the negative ranking effect caused by this flavor of duplicate content.

Another form of duplicate content is legal content syndication, where other websites publish content from a website because the content is deemed worthy. Flattering as it may be, it creates duplicate content that adds to the dilemma.

There are also scraper sites that steal website content and, through blackhat and spamming techniques, outrank the source website with its own content.

"WP Spinner and PHP Spinner focus on resolving this webmaster and SEO issue," Pretorius said.

The software addresses the problem at the source, the website where the original content is published, by enabling the webmaster to vary the content of the same web page with every single page view.

"There are many ways to say the same thing. WP Spinner and PHP Spinner leverage that fact to put the ultimate duplicate content killer light sword in the hands of the blogger, webmaster and SEO professional," Pretorius added. "If the next page view always presents content that differs from the previous page view, a spider visit to the category page of a WordPress blog and a visit to the individual post page will find two different variations of the same post content."

"I've used other content spinners, but nothing like this. In real time, you can swap out whole paragraphs or sentences as well as synonymizing to your heart's content," said Robert Knechtel, an early adopter of the software.

"Think of it as snapping a series of pictures of a football game. The pictures are of the same pitch and the same players, but no two pictures are ever exact duplicates of one another because things on the pitch are constantly changing," Pretorius said.

WP Spinner is a plugin designed for WordPress blog installations. PHP Spinner is software designed for PHP websites, as well as static HTML websites (provided that the server can run HTML pages as PHP).


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