Recent Reviews Show Consumers Reject Sub-Standard Cheap Solar Chargers and Value Suntactics’ High Standard for Durable, Reliable and Hassle-Free Remote Solar Power

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The portable, dependable and unfailing sCharger-5 and sCharger-12 that are designed and built in the USA to the same high standards as commercial solar systems have been upgraded with higher efficiency industrial grade mono crystalline solar cells.

Suntactics sCharger solar panels are built to the same quality standards as commercial based solar panels.

"Our solar chargers are designed for long-term value and not obsolesce” said Dean Sala, Suntactics Founder and CEO.

This is what our reviewers say about our sCharger5 and sCharger12:

  • “It is a very well made unit, not cheaply made at all”.
  • “Buy this made in USA product if you want something that works”.
  • “The charger works great, is compact and easy to carry/store and it's "green". What more could you ask for? I couldn't be happier with mine”.
  • “It's basically a one-time investment that will pay for itself in battery use and power use”.

These are comments from consumers that have purchase a low grade solar charger:

  • “After receiving the device I can see two of the panels have half of the solar cell cracked. This led me to question how easily these panels can have cracked cells resulting in degrading output capacity”.
  • “One commenter asked if the cells were bendable and the answer is no. There's a slight amount of give so that it's not what I would call fragile, but the panels are breakable”.
  • “I question how durable the device is in the long term”.

“At Suntactics, we build and design our solar devices for long-term value and not obsolesce,” said Dean Sala, Suntactics Founder and CEO.

1. Suntactics sChargers use state of the art circuitry design optimized to assure the device is always charging at an optimal rate.
2. All Suntactics’ solar chargers are manufactured with a durable, “marine-grade” construction process to assure long life under continual exposure to adverse weather conditions.
3. Suntactics sChargers’ simplicity in design makes them hassle-free and easy to use.

Many other remote solar chargers are simply not designed for prolonged use. Their design and build objectives are entirely focused on low costs, for example:
1. Smaller, less-efficient solar cells that require the user to depend on a backup battery.
2. Low-cost non-rigid protection for the solar cells so the cells and their internal connections between them are prone to breakage during normal use
3. Inexpensive cloth for external protection which is prone to damage from normal wear and tear
4. Cheap and inadequate electronics that malfunction and make solar charging difficult and unsafe for your device

Many remote device solar charger manufacturers do not design for durability and reliability. Their design and build objectives are entirely focused on low costs. This has created a great dis-service to our remote solar charger industry. Consumers expect more from US based companies like solar chargers designed and built in the USA to the same high standards as commercial solar systems

Suntactics has set the quality and value standard for remote solar chargers. The durable and compact sCharger-5 for solar charging smartphones like the iPhone5 or even tablets like the iPad. The more powerful and faster sCharger-12 provides both instant usage and charging for multiple devices at once including tablets, phones or any other USB device. Truly environmentally responsible products that are made in the USA and designed for long-term value and not obsolesce.

About Suntactics
Suntactics focuses on portable solar and off grid solar energy products. Their current products are a unique 5-watt handheld solar charger called the sCharger-5 for solar charging smartphones like the iPhone and powerful duel port 14-watt solar charger called the sCharger-12 for solar charging multiple remote devices including tablets like the iPad. These compact high power and durable solar power chargers meet the needs for a wide range of portable devices. The units are manufactured in the USA at Fastrak, a veteran owned contract manufacturer. Suntactics is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

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