Fire Can Ruin a Summer Vacation Fast: Better Bring a Dustwand Just in Case

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The Dustwand and ordinary baking soda combine to stop small fires. Bring them along for peace of mind.

Each year some automobiles are destroyed by fires erupting under their hoods, some resulting in fatalities. Most motorists do not equip their vehicles with fire extinguishers for several reasons. The typical fire extinguisher is too big to store easily inside the auto. They tend to be expensive and difficult to actuate, and may not function due to loss of pressure or caking of their powdered contents. Once actuated, they need to be re-filled and re-pressurized, or replaced. The mess that they create requires a substantial cleanup effort, even when used on a very small fire. Drivers should have some user friendly easily stowed device to deal with the threat of fire, especially on a family vacation.

The Dustwand may be the best device available to deal with the threat of a car fire, or to positively extinguish the fire at a camp site. The Dustwand, about the size of a soda bottle, is very user friendly. Operable even by a small hand, this syringe bulb type powder sprayer is actuated by simply squeezing it gently with one hand while pointing it at the target. The Dustwand is patented* for both its ability to spray up, down or sideways and for its particle separating ability. It quickly and easily sprays baking soda onto the fire with just a squeeze of its syringe bulb. The baking soda covers the burning surface evenly, cutting off the oxygen supply, and baking soda, when exposed to heat, produces carbon dioxide, further cutting off the fire's oxygen supply to kill the fire. The Dustwand handles all kinds of dusts and powders, making it useful in many applications from safer long-term pest control (using boric acid or diatomaceous earth) to industrial applications, such as mold releases and non-destructive testing procedures. Please see it in action at

About the Dustwand company: Beginning pest control operations in Florida in 1981, the need for a better duster was soon realized, developed, and later patented. The Dustwand is in use throughout the country and canada, soon to be available world wide.
*Patent # RE37760


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