E-Bike Conversion Kits Make Electric Bikes Accessible

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E-Bike conversion kits offer Americans an affordable way to convert their bike to electric and lower their cost of commuting to about a nickel a day.

E-BikeKit™ introduces a new conversion kit that makes the transition to electric easy while saving consumers money. Formerly, full bike systems cost the consumer upwards of $3,000 which put them out of reach for all but the most affluent and green minded commuters. Conversion systems cut the cost of entry by 60% without sacrificing quality. Consumers can spend under $1,000 to convert their existing bike and begin leaving their car at home; in some instances forgo car ownership completely.

The complete E-BikeKit system includes a wheel with a 500 Watt hub motor, a 36v LiFePO4 battery (best in the industry) and all of the hardware needed to install it. The system is engineered to comply with US Federal guidelines so it requires no insurance or licensing in most states. Installing the kit is simple; however, for the less mechanically inclined, bike shops charge around $100 to install it.

For a 20-mile round trip the car commuter in the city can expect to spend about $10 a week on gas, $25 - $50 on parking and spend between 2.5 and 4 hours in the car. Traveling by e-bike will cost about $0.15 a week and could reduce travel time saving the commuter a conservative $39.85 a week ($172.68 a month, $2,072.20 a year). The e-bike conversion will pay for its self in 6 months.

Beyond the obvious monetary benefits the e-bike commuter will experience an increase in their quality of life. The electric motor makes pedaling easier giving more people the ability to enjoy the health benefits of biking to work. Lunch breaks will hold new meaning as the e-bike offers them more freedom to explore. The commute becomes more enjoyable as new routes are opened up and the consumer begins to feel the joys of an open air commute. Getting to work is only one benefit of the e-bike. A properly outfitted bike means the consumer can get groceries and run other errands saving them even more money and improving their overall health.

Established in 2008 the E-BikeKit™ company provides a high quality electric bike conversion system that will make bicycle commuting a real possibility for many people. Collaborating with experts in the fields of cycling, engineering, electronics and EV Battery solutions the E-BikeKit™ company has molded a finished product of the highest quality. The E-BikeKit™ is proving to be the best alternative to expensive electric bikes currently being unveiled in the United States. E-BikeKit's goal is to bring the electric bike to the mainstream empowering people of all ages and physical abilities to go green and commute clean.


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