Oncimmune® USA LLC Highlights the Stories of Three Patients Diagnosed with Early Stage Lung Cancer

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Oncimmune® USA LLC shares the stories of 3 early stage lung cancer confirmations aided by EarlyCDT®-Lung technology.

Finding lung cancer at its earliest stages
Everyone at Oncimmune is encouraged by these examples. Detecting early stage lung cancer is what we are all about.

Oncimmune® USA LLC, maker of EarlyCDT®-Lung, a simple blood test that aids physicians in the early detection of lung cancer, is pleased to share the stories of three recent early stage lung cancer confirmations. Published on the Oncimmune Detecting Lung Cancer Blog, these inspiring stories are meant to shed light on the importance of early lung cancer detection and to provide hope and insight to the thousands of people who are affected by the disease each year.

Established in 2006, Oncimmune (USA) LLC is recognized worldwide as a leading innovator in the field of early cancer detection technologies. Creator of the ground breaking EarlyCDT-Lung test, Oncimmune is revolutionizing the way physicians approach lung cancer detection. EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple blood test that identifies specific autoantibodes which are elevated in patients with lung cancer. The test has already played a significant role in the diagnosis of numerous early stage lung cancer cases nationwide. Because these autoantibodies are present at the earliest stages of lung cancer as well as through late stage, EarlyCDT-Lung is being used to aid in the diagnosis of patients even before they exhibit specific symptoms. According to NCI SEER data, 5-year survival rates more than triple for patients who are diagnosed at early stages, when the tumor is still localized.

As part of an ongoing campaign to educate the public about the importance of lung cancer prevention through early detection, Oncimmune launched the Detecting Lung Cancer Blog in 2010. They have since leveraged the blog to report industry news, address common lung cancer questions and share stories about those affected by the disease. The Oncimmune leadership team recently identified the opportunity to share the remarkable stories of some of the early cancer confirmations EarlyCDT-Lung has helped facilitate; three of which have been published in a blog series. Each is a story of a lung cancer survivor, walking readers through the actions taken by each survivor, including the role that EarlyCDT-Lung played in their diagnosis, and how the experience has affected them.

One such story is that of Elinor, a woman who was diagnosed with limited small cell lung cancer earlier this year. Small cell lung cancer is typically divided into two stages – Limited and extensive. Limited SCLC is the earliest of the two stages that small cell lung cancer can be found. Her tumor was removed, and she is currently undergoing chemo and radiation. After receiving positive EarlyCDT-Lung test results, Elinor underwent a biopsy and the cancer was discovered. Remarkably, it was the earliest small cell lung cancer diagnosis her doctor has ever seen.

Another of the stories features Joy, a woman who learned of EarlyCDT-Lung after a CT scan revealed a small nodule on her lung. A longtime smoker, Joy decided it would be a good idea to get tested, to see if she could further define how high her lung cancer risk was. Though she was exhibiting no symptoms of lung cancer, her EarlyCDT-Lung test results came back positive. Diagnosed as Stage 1 Carcinoma, the tumor was removed and Joy did not have to undergo any chemo or radiation.

Finally, the third story is of Sandra. After losing her brother to the disease, Sandra began researching lung cancer early detection methods and discovered Oncimmune’s Facebook page. There she learned about EarlyCDT-Lung and decided to order a test collection kit and take it to her physician. Shortly after results came back positive from her physician and further testing was done, she was diagnosed with Stage IA Adenocarcinoma. Doctors were able to remove the cancer cells and today Sandra has kicked her smoking habit and lives a much healthier lifestyle.

“Everyone at Oncimmune is encouraged by these examples. Detecting early stage lung cancer is what we are all about,” said Dan Calvo, President and CEO of Oncimmune. “These stories are wonderful examples of patients and physicians taking action to facilitate early detection, and the results to date speak for themselves.”

Designed to educate patients and caregivers about the importance of early detection of lung cancer, the blog series has already received praise from consumers and physicians alike. Two of the stories are accompanied by videos, featuring the lung cancer survivor and, in some cases, the doctors who treated them. Visit the Oncimmune Lung Cancer Detection Blog to read the inspiring blog series.

In addition to publishing these three stories, Oncimmune works to spark conversation about lung cancer detection and to educate the public about the dangers of the disease. From participating in Lung Cancer Awareness Month to social media outreach efforts, Oncimmune is doing its part to increase awareness. Watch for more educational pieces from Oncimmune in the coming months as they continue this effort.

About Oncimmune LLC

Oncimmune (USA) LLC, founded in 2006, is an industry leader in early cancer detection. The company is committed to advancing early cancer detection through proprietary immuno-biomarker technologies based on biological technology identified by John Robertson, M.D., Professor of Surgery at Nottingham University, England, and Chief Scientific Officer of Oncimmune LTD. Ongoing research and development is conducted by Oncimmune under the direction of Professor Robertson. The company’s mission is to develop early cancer detection tests to identify more than 90% of solid-tumor cancers, which make up 70% of all cancers including lung, breast, colorectal, prostate, stomach, pancreatic and ovarian. All testing is performed exclusively at Oncimmune’s CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) regulated laboratory located in the metro Kansas City area. Oncimmune LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oncimmune LTD. Oncimmune LTD owns a portfolio of patents, including Patent Nos. 7,402,403 and 7,205,117, with five others currently filed and under review. For more information about Oncimmune, visit: http://www.hellohaveyouheard.com.

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