Will the Next Big One Hit in South CA Desert this Summer?

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Northern California Geologist Jim Berkland is predicting a 6.0+ this year in Southern California, most likely by October and most likely in the Desert area. And, Southern California is overdue for a killer quake. The San Andreas Fault near Los Angeles, which has been quiet for more than 200 years, could produce a deadly jolt anytime this summer. Cal Orey's latest book, "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes," can help you to get ready with its do-it-yourself quake warnings and earthquake preparedness.

The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes: Jim Berkland, Maverick Geologist

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Are you prepared for a summer quake in Southern California? Geologist Jim Berkland would give the odds at 70% for this year and 50% for this summer. It is based on a variety of factors, from the lapse in time since the last 6.0 plus hit, which normally occurs about every 5 years to the near-record rainfall in 2004-2005 which almost topped the all-time high for L.A., which came after a near-record drought of 2001.

Berkland predicted that an earthquake measuring between 3.5 and 6.0 on the Richter scale would strike the Los Angeles area between January 9 and 16 in 1994. The Northridge, California earthquake arrived at 4:31 a.m., on January 17--he was close enough to raise a few eyebrows. (Berkland also forecasted and coined the famous October 17, 1989 World Series Quake that rumbled through the San Francisco Bay Area.)

Many of Berkland's theories--based on tides, lunar cycles, disoriented animals, lost cats and dogs--were factors involved in the great Indian Ocean quake-tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004. Since scientists admit they aren't able to predict earthquakes, is it really so far fetched to monitor wayward pets? Berkland doesn't think so.

Author Cal Orey's new book, "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes: Jim Berkland, Maverick Geologist” How His Quake Warnings Can Save Lives," includes amazing data about "earthquake sensitives"--humans who have shown the ability to detect precursors that signal an oncoming quakes--through dreams, visions, ear tones, headaches, animal sixth sense, and more.

Orey has experienced pre-quake signs and also tunes into her current pets--seismically sensitive cat, Kerouac, and dog, Simon to predict tremors. She has predicted accurate "hits" in Northern and Southern California, Lake Tahoe, and even Japan.

The book's publication is timely for Southern Californians who await the long overdue Big One. The author and her subject will be appearing at four Southern California Barnes & Noble stores, August 5 - 8, in Glendale, Woodland Hills, Palmdale, and Costa Mesa.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Geologist Jim Berkland and Author-Earthquake Sensitive Cal Orey, contact: http://www.calorey.com (530-542-8725), http://www.sentientpublications.com , http://www.earthquakeepi-center.com


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