Earth Structures Rammed Earth Walls Increase in Popularity as Eco-friendly Homes Become En Vogue

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Leading Australian rammed earth home builder Earth Structures reports the resurgence and growing popularity of rammed earth being used in modern architecture as owner builders choose it for their houses to be more eco-friendly.

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We have developed technical advantages such as insulated walling, elevated rammed earth wall panel systems, landscape wall systems and thorough specifications for the rammed earth industry.

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Rammed earth, as a building material, has been around since time immemorial. Parts of the Great Wall of China were constructed with it, so did Hannibal’s watchtower in Carthage. Ancient structures in all of the continents, save Antarctica, have been built with rammed earth. This early building technology was revived in the ‘70s among those who were more environment-conscious. It gradually grew in popularity through the following decades, until it has reached the present day. The Earth Structures Group, an innovative team of construction businesses, happily notes that the resurgence of rammed earth’s use is steadily strengthening, directly impacting the number of projects the company receives. Earth Structures reports the recent increase in demand for its products and services, thanks to the trend for eco-friendly homes.

Rammed earth is the mixture of raw materials, such as chalk, sand, clay and gravel, stabilized by an additive, such as lime, cement or asphalt emulsions. While damp, it is compressed into a frame or mold, creating blocks or an entire length of wall. Sometimes colored oxides, such as old bottles and tires, are also thrown into the concoction for structural variety. Many new homes nowadays feature rammed earth walls as builders with a conscience favor sustainable materials and natural building methods. Earth Structures particularly specializes in rammed earth construction. Managing Director Rick Lindsay states, “Our focus is on working with architects to deliver stunning designs and constructions that stand the test of time. We work together to deliver the best outcomes for clients wanting to use this beautiful, natural and durable walling for their houses or commercial projects.”

Prior to its revival, rammed earth was considered labor-intensive and, if inadequately protected or maintained, quite susceptible to water damage. Technology, however, has effectively dealt with these issues. Appropriate machinery, such as powdered tampers, has been invented, to begin with. Earth Structures, for its part, has come up with various innovations as well. “We have developed technical advantages such as insulated walling, elevated rammed earth wall panel systems, landscape wall systems and thorough specifications for the rammed earth industry,” Mr. Lindsay shares. Rammed earth, apparently, has evolved with the times, clearly to a much better version of itself.

As more and more home owners and builders gain the conviction for natural and sustainable choices, rammed earth continues to gain ground in the construction industry. In the meantime, Earth Structures is ready to meet the rising demand for the material with the highest quality products. Mr. Lindsay avers, “We take pride in building rammed earth homes. We are deeply aware that our walls are a major investment for our clients. You can replace roofs, floors, pavers, windows and decks, but not walls. This simple fact, combined with our experience describes our commitment to getting it right every time.”


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