First Remarkable Use of Ebook's New Enhanced Books Technology

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Nightingale Ebook Expounds Upon Enhanced Book's Format. Uses Music, Art and Animation to Enhance Storyline.

The enhanced novel of Nightingale can be sampled at

The new enhanced technology for ebooks, known as enhanced books now has its "First Rock Opera." Nightingale makes use of the enhanced book technology, combining a riveting story with entrancing music, art and animations.

Whether you write about them as "electronic books", "E-books", "e books" or "ebooks" and whether you call them "enhanced books" or "enhanced novels", the fact is that the new technology for ebooks has "arrived" with the release of Nightingale by New York Times bestselling author David Farland. Just as rock opera in its heyday combined the use of dance, rock, singing and plays, Nightingale artfully combines a riveting story with music that is integral to the plot, and art and animations in every chapter, making it like "The First Rock Opera of Ebooks."

Thousands of people flock to the new technology every day as printed books are quickly losing ground to ebooks. However, until now the new enhanced novel technology has made use of the ability to add sound and art as though the publishers tacked it on as an afterthought.

With Nightingale, author David Farland purposefully crafted a storyline that would make use of the technology and thanks to a new type of publisher, East India Press, Farland was able to produce a work where the music and art fit the story and speak to the intended audience.

His story is about a young man who wants to be the world's greatest guitarist and venerates the music of Joe Satriani. The 45-minute album created by the head of the American Composer's Guild, James Guymon, sounds like it could have been produced by Satriani, in the style of Pink Floyd, bringing the music in line with the story. The enhanced ebook even contains video interviews with the author, as well as photographs of the setting the story takes place in.

Curiously, the book cover is reminiscent of Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, who was once one of David Farland's writing students, and whom Mr. Farland advised on "how to craft a book that would become the best selling Young Adult novel of all time." Farland furthers his vision in his own novel, taking it unexpected directions, as he deals with a boy who is an outsider, alone in the world, as he discovers that he’s something not quite human.

Though the art and music are wonderful, still it's the story that highlights this enhanced novel. Farland says, "I've been doing some soul searching as I get older and I realized I've had a full career with a lot of best sellers and awards, like the Whitney Award for Best Novel of the Year and the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for Best Novel in English Language. I've been thinking of what I want to strive for with my writing as I approach the last decade of my career. I decided with this novel I want to write a story that will be remembered fifty years from now. I poured much more time and sweat into this than any author should in one novel to make this story sing at different levels, to speak one-on-one to people at different ages and times in their lives, to be read again and again. This book is the first in a series of four. By the time you're done reading the fourth book, I want this story to be one you'll think about from time to time for the rest of your life. Only you can decide if Nightingale is good enough to become a classic some day. I invite you to look at it and decide for yourself."

David Farland and East India Press didn't stop with the enhanced novel. They put the book out as a standard ebook as well, and it will be coming out as a hard cover print book in time for Christmas. They even have a full album and an audio book read by actor, Kyle McCarley, complete with sound effects and background music from the album.

Mr. Farland shares East India Press' vision that people everywhere are entering an age where the enhanced novel will require a troop of artists and professionals working together to produce something more than a novel, and publisher's will be more like futuristic production houses, producing not just novels, but stories in many formats. East India Press plans to produce many stories in multiple formats in 2012, much like this First Rock Opera of Enhanced Novels.

The enhanced technology has to be experienced. The enhanced novel of Nightingale can be sampled at It can be viewed and heard on any computer, as well as virtually any pads and smart phones.


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