New For-Profit Corporation for the Socially Disadvantaged Launched

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A new for-profit corporation for the socially disadvantaged has been launched called Econet Enterprises. Econet is based on a new model called an "Economically Centered Social Network" and addresses the financial as well as the social needs of the disadvantaged at the work place. Since Econet is a private sector based corporation no government or external grant funding is required.

The Econet Model

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Dr. Martin Korn, founder of Econet Enterprises, is pleased to announce the launching of a new for-profit socially dedicated corporation entirely dedicated to helping the disadvantaged. Econet is based on a new model called an "Economically Centered Social Network."

According to Dr. Korn, "Econet is a for-profit corporation utilizing a new socioeconomic model to effectively help the disadvantaged both financially and socially in a comprehensive and cost effective manner. Econet works with established businesses and addresses the financial and social needs of the disadvantaged at the workplace utilizing modern management techniques. Since Econet is a for-profit corporation no outside government funding or support is required. This combination of factors makes Econet unique and it is believed that the Econet system may be helpful to individuals not adequately served by the traditional government supported psychosocial programs."

Most programs for the socially disadvantaged in the United States are primarily based on a supportive psychosocial model. They are frequently dependent on government grants and offer financial support in the form of welfare or social security disability and health benefits in the form of Medicaid or Medicare. Although helpful in alleviating many of the basic financial needs of the needy these programs often do not effectively address the economic and social needs of the disadvantaged adequately.

The Econet Model
The model is pictured in the attached file.
The components of the Econet model are as follows:

1. Economically Centered -- Immediate provision of a job not benefits and entitlements should be the first intervention for the disadvantaged and these jobs are provided through Econet.

2. Social Network -- Utilization of modern management techniques including small cohesive work groups (also called "quality circles") help to form a supportive social network at the workplace, something that is often deficient among the disadvantaged. They also help the business to run more efficiently. This enables Econet's products and services to be competitive in the marketplace, even if some of the workforce is somewhat less efficient due to disabilities.

3. Social and health care services are provided directly through the business and included as a cost of business. This helps to effectively implement and centralize these important services.

4. Collaborative relationships with established businesses via joint marketing and sales ventures fuel the Econet economic engine. These collaborative relationships provide a financial incentive for associated business to "invest" in the disadvantaged and are a source of ongoing revenue for Econet and its employees. These joint ventures also serve to decrease start-up costs and provide potential access to jobs for the Econet employees in the business sector. Associated businesses are not required in any way to directly hire Econet employees unless it is considered advantageous to do so.

The Econet model has been tested in the homeless as well as in higher functioning disadvantaged individuals and the basic premises of the model have been substantiated. That is Econet appears to be able to cost effectively and comprehensively address the multiple problems of the disadvantaged in a socially networked economic model.

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Econet now provides a variety of services including Internet sales and marketing, web site design, and shipping services among others. Econet is in the process of extending the needed economic base to expand the program.

For complete information and details see the web site or call 914 806 4884.

Dr. Korn is the author or coauthor of over 20 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He is also the author or coauthor of over 50 articles and conference summaries on Internet medical education web sites. For bio see

Dr. Korn is also the producer and host of Perspectives on Mental Health, a public access television show devoted to issues in mental health. For information and previews of shows please go to the web site

Martin L. Korn, MD
Econet Enterprises
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