Best-Selling Business Author Launches Anti-Recession Revolution

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Best-selling author Alan R. Bechtold has just made his new full-length movie, The FUNdamental You, available to the public for online viewing at no charge. He says he decided to give away the entire movie to prove that his "trickle down" economic theory really works and he's now launching his "anti-recession revolution" as a call to arms for everyone to join him and improve the economic situation worldwide.

Anyone can do this. The Internet makes it easy and extremely inexpensive.

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Alan R. Bechtold, best-selling author of "Will Work for Fun: 3 Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash" (John Wiley and Sons), promises a fierce battle to prove once and for all that his "Trickle Up" economic theory is the right way to turn the world economy around and keep it moving in the right direction. He's launching what he refers to as his "anti-recession revolution" to make his point.

Bechtold, a successful online publishing and marketing expert for more than 24 years, said, "We know from history that 'trickle down' economics doesn't work. You have to give the wealthiest members of any society a lot of stimulus before their lives are affected. Hand them tax breaks and incentives and they'll say 'thanks,' stick it in the bank and keep living like they always have. The money stops flowing.

"But, when you hand the average person just a few hundred dollars, it's life-altering. They spend the money on things they need and want -- and that money moves up the economic ladder, reaching everyone above through their businesses that are now making more sales to more people."

Bechtold points to the recent release of $600 "stimulus" checks, to help bolster the sagging U.S. economy, as proof that "trickle up" economics works.

"To bolster the sagging economy, our leaders essentially borrowed money to hand taxpayers checks for $600 each -- and it worked," Bechtold said. "But, this kind of stunt never works for long. And borrowing money to bolster the economy is simply stupid. What we need is a way to give the average person $600, $1200 -- even $2,000 or more every MONTH. And I've figured out how to do it."

Bechtold said his plan is simple -- just show everyone how easy it is to make extra money -- part-time or full time -- from the things they already love doing most and most likely spend money to do right now.

"I spent a full year and a lot of time and money working with co-produccer Chuck Strinz, on my new movie, "The FUNdamental You." We had every intention of selling it. But, as production continued the economy continued to decline. Because the information presented in this fun, information-packed movie is so vital to re-building the world economy -- we've decided to give it away online free of charge, to anyone and everyone who tells three friends about the movie, to help us spread the word and hopefully launch an all-out anti-recession revolution."

The FUNdamental You, just released on DVD, details Bechtold's simple three-step plan for learning to think like a publisher, to easily tap the Internet and turn any hobby or interest into additional income that could even replace or surpass what the viewer now makes working full-time for someone else.

"It doesn't matter if you know how to write or not," Bechtold said. "Anyone can do this. The Internet makes it easy and extremely inexpensive."

To view the movie online at no charge, readers can visit . There is an option to pay $4.97 to watch, but anyone who fills out the "tell three friends" form at the bottom of the page receives the same access to watch the movie online as often as desired for 30 days that people paying receive.

About Alan R. Bechtold:

No one on earth has been successfully making money online longer than Alan R. Bechtold. He's been a successful publisher for more than 35 years -- more than 24 of those years online -- starting with the dial-up computer bulletin board systems that pre-dated the publicly-accessible Internet by more than 10 years. If anyone knows how to get the "trickle up" effect working on the world economy, it's Alan. Alan is also an accomplished public speaker. He's now standing by, ready to provide any print or online media with an entertaining, thought-provoking interview.

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