Global Cardio Care Gift of Life Program Enables Man to Drop 158 Lbs with EECP® Treatment Plus Diet, Exercise

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EECP is a safe, FDA-approved (for angina pectoris and congestive heart failure) cardiovascular treatment that does not require surgery or medication. It is said to be a natural bypass; new collaterals grow around arterial blockages.

Before and After Global Cardio Care's Gift of Life program

EECP is considered an end-stage cardiovascular treatment; we know from experience that it positively influences many other diseases from peripheral vascular disease and erectile dysfunction to diabetes and obesity.

Global Cardio Care® Inc., the nation’s largest physician practice management company specializing in delivery of EECP® treatment, has helped Brian Burton, 39, drop 158 lbs through the Global Cardio Care Gift of Life Program featuring Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP®) along with exercise and improved diet.

Before Brian visited Global Cardio Care Centers in late 2007 in Los Angeles, he weighed 408 lbs. Dependent on a wheel chair, Brian could not wear shoes and only fit in sweats. He drank high levels of alcohol; ate foods with highest saturated fat, trans fats and sodium; fast foods; and snacks. He ate no vegetables or fruit. He had heart arrhythmia, angina, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When Brian arrived at Global Cardio Care Centers, he suffered dizziness and fatigue, and was extremely short of breath after minimal activity with no ability to exercise.

Global Cardio Care Centers delivers upwards of 20,000 EECP treatment hours annually. People visit the physician clinic seeking treatment for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, renal failure, stroke, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, erectile dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses including multiple sclerosis and sports enhancement such as endurance and performance improvement.

Staffed by internal medicine physicians, cardiologists, lifestyle physicians and certified EECP technologists, Global Cardio Care Centers evaluates everyone to determine whether EECP treatment can positively affect their illness.

“At Global Cardio Care Centers, physicians who deliver EECP look for treatment benefits for diseases beyond end-stage cardiovascular disease,” said Sara Soulati, CEO and President of Global Cardio Care. “EECP is considered an end-stage cardiovascular treatment; we know from experience that it positively influences many other diseases from peripheral vascular disease and erectile dysfunction to diabetes and obesity.”

For one year, Brian went diligently to Global Cardio Care Centers to experience EECP. He enrolled in the Global Cardio Care Gift of Life Program™ developed by Sara Soulati, the nation’s leading authority since 1996 on the practice of EECP.

During Brian’s physician-monitored care at Global Cardio Care Centers, he:

  •     Reduced or eliminated his modifiable risk factors (the ones he could change) for disease/
  •     Lost 158 pounds. EECP elevated energy levels so Brian could exercise longer and harder every day and naturally lose weight
  •     His physician eliminated high blood pressure medication and is naturally maintaining a healthy blood pressure of 122/86 with a heart rate between 58 and 63 bpm.
  •     Has blood sugar at a healthy 62 with cholesterol of 144 and triglycerides of 68.
  •     Alleviated chest pain and adjusted heart rhythm to normal.

EECP is known to:

  •     Prompt growth of new arteries to naturally bypass blockages
  •     Improve performance of the endothelium, the lining of blood vessels throughout the body which enhances velocity of blood flow
  •     Lower blood pressure without need to further medicate
  •     Reduce or eliminate chest discomfort as a result of heart disease.
  •     Improve debilitating symptoms of stroke such as motor skills, speech and walking.
  •     Improve circulation of oxygen-rich blood to vital organs, like passive exercise.
  •     Enhance stamina and endurance for exercise and influence more restful sleep

About Global Cardio Care® Inc.:
Global Cardio Care, Inc. manages physician practices specializing in EECP treatment and delivers such business services as billings, claims and clinic operations. In addition, the company manages patient education, marketing, and patient recruitment/retention. Since 1996, longer than anyone in the country, Sara Soulati has worked in the field of EECP treatment. As CEO and president of Global Cardio Care, she has developed a full range of policy and procedures for implementation of EECP treatment for a wide range of diseases, not just end stage cardiovascular disease.


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