El Cid Vacations Club Scam Prevention Team Shares Three Essential Travel Safety Tips To Avoid Trouble

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El cid vacations club scam, thefts, and cons are some of the biggest problems plaguing travelers in today's world.

El Cid Vacations

El Cid Vacations

El Cid Vacations Club scam prevention team shares with travelers three important tips that will benefit them traveling in the New Year.Travelers leave their taxing work-filled lives behind and simply want to relax and not worry about anything. This care-free attitude is exactly what cons and crooks are looking to take advantage of, when tourists come to visit.

The following are some universal tips from the El Cid Vacations Club scam prevention team to follow when traveling on vacation. These rules call for travelers to be vigilant and constantly aware of their surroundings, otherwise they may fall victim to scams, thefts, or worse.

1.) Luggage theft is incredibly common, and perhaps the easiest for thieves to accomplish. What commonly occurs is a traveler is waiting in a line, perhaps waiting to check into a hotel, or at an airport, and suddenly a stranger bumps into them and spills a drink or food onto the traveler. In the hubbub, the traveler becomes more attentive to cleaning up the mess and engaging the person who spilled the food on them. They take their attention from their luggage, and that is when the thieves strike, walking off nonchalantly with the traveler's luggage.

This is a classic scam, something that is easily avoidable.The El Cid Vacations Club scam prevention team shares by simply keeping calm and paying attention to the surroundings. Being aware of what is going on in the area is the most important thing in these situations.

2.) Con artists can try to access personal information from oblivious smartphone and laptop users. That "free wi-fi" might come at a price. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone that can access the internet, wi-fi hotspots are everywhere. Scam artists and hackers can easily setup networks that look like legitimate wi-fi hotspots, but when connected to, allow the hackers to leech information from the connected devices.

To avoid having smartphones or laptops compromised, it is wise to double check with service staff
members that the connections available are official and hosted by the company. This tip by the El Cid Vacations Club scam prevention team can protect your online data when using wi-fi hotspots.

3.) Constantly stay aware of valuables in large groups centered around an event. In tourist-filled spots there are plenty of street entertainers to provide amusement, but sometimes street entertainers are serving as a diversion to draw in a bunched crowd, allowing pickpocketers to easily snatch valuables from oblivious onlookers. This circumstance is referred to as a "distract and grab".

Just to be safe, it is always best to always keep a hand on valuables when walking through dense
crowds. This ensures that they do not happen to wander off with a stranger. The El Cid Vacations Club scam prevention team shares the third tip and warns travelers that this a common practice among local thieves everywhere.


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