Predict the US Presidential Election Results with Emotion Recognition Software

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An independent study of the presidential candidates could influence the election outcome. The Center for Body Language uses webcams to measure voters’ subconscious emotions and micro expressions.

Presidential Election Prediction

Presidential Election Prediction

"Our results are surprisingly different from what the polls say and could influence the election outcome."

An unbiased study from the Center for Body Language claims to be able to predict the outcome of the presidential elections, by using webcams recognizing facial expressions of people watching the candidate’s speeches.

“Our results are surprisingly different from what the polls say, because by measuring the emotions of people watching the candidates’ speeches we can discover what they really feel and think about the candidates”, stated Patryk Wezowski, the founder of the Center for Body Language, “The software in our independent research detects facial expressions of randomly selected people through the webcam. When people watch fragments of speeches of the candidates on their computer, their facial expressions are recorded through their webcam and then analyzed for the smallest signs of emotions.”

This study might even influence the outcome of the elections, because it reveals which subconscious emotions people feel about the candidates. It also gives insights on how Democrats feel about Romney, what emotions Republicans experience seeing Obama, and how independents and foreigners perceive the candidates.

“What makes this prediction so special”, stated Kasia Wezowski of the Center for Body Language, “is that for the first time in history, technology allowed us to look into human minds so far that we can detect what people feel subconsciously. We have tested the Emotion Recognition Software the videos of our Micro Expressions Test and it proves to be statistically accurate in recognizing emotions during marketing studies.” According to recent research, people base their decision process on emotions, not logic. This is also how the power of persuasion works in politics. By being able to detect precisely what emotions each fragment of the candidates’ speeches evokes, the study reports on how the candidates will perform in the election. It also measures accurately which statements during speeches attract people and what turns them off.

The Center for Body Language specializes in recognizing short and subtle facial expressions, also called ‘Micro Expressions’. These subtle movements of facial muscles have been researched over 50 years and are very reliable signs of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise. Those emotions are displayed in the same way in every culture. Facial expressions occur on the subconscious level and involuntary, so one cannot control them most of the time. “When you feel something, you will show it automatically with your face”, says Patryk Wezowski. “These facial expressions are also very sudden movements and they appear for only less than half a second. We teach how to recognize these emotions in our Micro Expressions Training program, which is the first program in the world using real-time video clips. Our prediction of the outcome of the Presidential Election proves that micro expressions are one of the most reliable signs of what people really feel, and that subconscious emotions drive our decision process.”

Patryk and Kasia Wezowski of the Center for Body Language have trained 25 trainers who offer training in Micro Expressions in 15 countries. In 2010, the press published their prediction of elections in Europe, based on the non-verbal communication of politicians, and results have proven to be 85% accurate. This time they are going to predict the outcome of the presidential election in the USA, focusing on the facial expressions of voters. All recordings are made anonymously and stay confidential. The first reports about what the American nation really feels and thinks about its candidates is already available on their website.

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