Electric Toothbrush Holder Website Solves A Problem

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For the most effective daily tooth cleaning regimen, an electric toothbrush is the best solution however many brands don't supply a proper holder which leaves many owners of these devices wondering what choice do they have? The Virtual Investment Group addresses this need by launching a website focused on this exact problem, with the marketing assistance of Route 72 Systems.

Brushing after every meal is what professional dentist's recommend to keep a clean mouth, avoid plaque buildup and maintain healthy gums. Electronic toothbrushes have gotten more popular over the years as prices have dropped while many major toothpaste brands even offering affordable versions of the higher end varieties. Allowing one the ability to clean their mouths much better with built in timers, it's no wonder that these devices are very popular. Ironically, while some of the higher end brands come with a complete docking station, many brands don't offer a proper holder or upsell one of their lesser quality add-ons. Another thing is the styling was probably not a priority for these manufacturers and finding a toothbrush holder to complement your bathroom decor is an option they hadn't considered. Understanding this, the Virtual Investment Group built and launched a website that can be seen at http://www.electrictoothbrushholder.com/, that will offer a variety of choices of electric toothbrush holders.

Just to clarify, electric toothbrushes and battery powered toothbrushes are not the same, as the latter is usually only limited to vibrating while the more advanced models have a multitude of other options such as oscillation, different rotations and use of sonic technology. Pressure sensors to ensure one doesn't brush their teeth too hard is reserved for the higher end models. The style one chooses will effect what holder will be available. "Finding areas like this that are under served, makes doing this that more enjoyable," states Mark Ramos, marketing team member of Route 72 Systems. He goes on further to say, "We will continue to find toothbrush holder suppliers and even go to the extent of manufacturing our own, if the market proves there is a demand." This is one of the core models incorporated by the Virtual Investment Group. Identify niches and capitalize on opportunities.

Route 72 Systems (http://route72.com) is responsible for the marketing side and incorporating elements that increase conversions. Being involved in the email data aggregation industry for over 15 years, specializing in multiple markets and providing highly targeted leads such as investor lists, consumer lists and business lists, has allowed them to provide value to their clients while also being able to analyze a multitude of data to help them maintain leadership in the industry. Over the years, the company has consistently improved the marketing services they offer to assist online marketers in various niche verticals. With strategies to overcome even the most difficult markets, it is not difficult to setup a targeted online marketing campaigns that will get results.

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