Elite Diams is Bringing Clients Rock Solid Investments in the Form of Natural Colored Diamonds

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New rare diamond investment firm established in Naples, FL offers clients the diversification of their wealth through exclusive and desirable tangible assets.


While most buyers in the past have been drawn to natural colored diamonds for their sheer beauty, more people are being educated to the fact that investment grade natural colored diamonds are a great store of wealth and hedge against market volatility.

Elite Diams announces their first office based in Naples Florida, offering services in the diversification of investors' wealth through natural colored diamonds.

Elite Diams Director, Fabien Tref states: "We believe many of the best investment opportunities occur during times of economic uncertainty and we are offering our clients the opportunity to build themselves a unique portfolio with the potential of very strong returns. Our niche is the diversification and growth of wealth through intelligent diamond investment."

Integrating its creative and independent strategic market knowledge and diamond investment insight, Elite Diams aims to extract superior sustainable returns for its select group of clients.

"Elite Diams’ mission is to educate, source and supply the most exclusive and beautiful natural fancy colored diamonds available. Elite Diams is providing the world’s most portable and concentrated form of wealth with knowledge and discretion," Tref adds. "Unparalleled resources and expertise are why Elite Diams is a trusted supplier to North American and global investors."

Fabien explains, "Elite Diams provides its services to clients following a basic tried and true strategy, supply and demand. The lesser the supply, the higher demand and the greater the probability of a price appreciation you will experience. Elite Diams offers an asset that is in fact so rare that only one gem out of 100,000 colorless diamonds is an investment grade natural colored diamond. In most cases, we define an investment grade natural colored diamond as 1 carat or greater, a clarity of SI or better and Fancy or better in color. We do NOT offer Fancy Light, Very light or Faint colored diamonds."

Fabien adds, "Not only is it extremely rare at the present time, but it is also becoming rarer as the world’s rough diamond production is decreasing every year; the mines’ life is diminishing and the stone sizes are following that trend too."

"Investment grade natural colored diamonds have a great track history of growth in value. In fact, in the past 41 years the worst performance investment grade natural colored diamonds had was 11% in a single year. Its finite supply combined with an ever-increasing demand is a great basic concept of price appreciation," said Tref.

"The growth of the middle class and new millionaires in India, China and other parts of the world are pushing this demand even further. It is a great hedge against inflation and currency devaluation; it is relatively independent from any publicly traded markets or commodities. It is also an excellent estate-planning avenue along with being very private and extremely portable. All of our clients enjoy the fact that if they were caught up in a crumbling economy, unlike most traditional investments, it would still be in their possession, in their control," Tref explains.

"To give you a very clear idea of the benefits of utilizing Elite Diams services in intelligent diamond investments, since Lehman Brothers went down in September 2008, when most people who had their money invested in traditional assets lost 40% to their entirety of their portfolio within a year, investment grade natural colored diamonds went up 57%. Making it even clearer, if you had $10M invested the traditional way, very conservatively speaking instead of having $6M left in September 2009 you would have had a portfolio worth $15.7M... That is over a 260% difference from one avenue to another."

"Now, if you would like to compare the gold price appreciation to natural colored diamonds of investment grade... In 1950 the ounce of gold was $40.25; today it is at $1,531.73, just above 38 times the value. Now in 1950 a 1 carat red diamond was sold for $13,000 and now is selling for over $2,100,000. That is over 161 times the value, which is over 4 times the performance of gold for those same past 61 years," Fabien explains.

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