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After a June 17th news article entitled “Don't let retirement stress marriage: Plan to be busy” was published by USA Today, personal finance and economic magazine for seniors commented on the lack of planning that many people fail to put into the emotional side of retirement, in areas such as social life, hobbies, identification with one’s job, and many times a case of too much togetherness with one’s spouse immediately after retirement

You need to figure out a way to divide your time with your husband or wife so that you don’t drive one another crazy.

Today the personal finance and economic magazine for seniors,, released their tips for readers who are planning for retirement, but not with regards to the typical financial planning advice that the column offers. addressed the emotional side of retirement, suggesting that readers plan in advance for things like the amount of time spent with one’s spouse, what hobbies to fill time with, their social life, and preparing to emotionally separate from one’s work. was inspired by an article in USA Today, written by Rodney Brooks and published on June 17th 2013, which began with a story about how a newly retired man went home and spent days with his wife, only to be kicked out of the house and told to find some hobbies by his exasperated spouse. Brooks reported that though many people put a lot of time and effort into planning for the financial end of retirement, most people don’t put much thought into the emotional aspect of separating from one’s job, and figuring out how to delegate their time once they have a lot more of it on their hands.

Brooks’ article reported that three big issues are arising when people don’t psychologically prepare for retirement. He stated the first as spousal stress when couples go from spending just a few hours a day together to every day with one another. Another problem is the emotional upset that can come when people who deeply identify with their career or business suddenly no longer have that connection. And thirdly, the lack of a built-in social life through seeing coworkers every day can cause some people to realize that they have few friends outside of their office.

Typically prone to offer financial advice to seniors and soon-to-be retirees, encouraged its readers to put a hefty focus on their psychological, spousal and social relationships just as they would plan financially for retirement. is quoted as saying, “When we think about planning for retirement, we are apt to consider looking up Medicare benefits, or looking at life insurance for seniors, or thinking about all the great trips we want to take, and are definitely looking to get our financial house in order to make sure we’ve got enough stashed away for the 30+ years of retirement. But what most of us miss is figuring out what we’re going to fill our time with before we die when we’re not on a cruise or touring through Europe—which we can’t do every day of our retirement, I can assure you that. It’s a pretty important thing to figure out, being as you’re about to have a lot of extra time on your hands.” recommended that people take certain steps to get themselves emotionally prepared for retirement. advises people to start getting involved in hobbies, clubs, sports and classes now, to make the transition from work to their new hobbies easier. They also tipped their readers off to make sure that they’ve got a healthy social circle to surround themselves with in retirement, especially for extroverted personalities. And strongly encouraged its readers to talk to their spouses to delegate time spent with one another well in advance. is quoted as saying, “The USA Today article stated that there is currently a record divorce rate among Baby Boomers, most likely related to people neglecting to plan for how they will spend time with their spouse in retirement. You need to figure out a way to divide your time with your husband or wife so that you don’t drive one another crazy. Divorces in retirement could be a big source of cancellations for life insurance policies for seniors, I don’t know. But one thing I can tell you is you need to address the issue of time and hobbies before retirement rolls around.”

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