Is It Time to Switch Your Encino Real Estate Agent? Be on the Lookout for These 5 Warning Signs.

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Red Blue Realty presents a tip sheet outlining the common warning signs of a bad Encino real estate agent.

Switching from one Encino real estate agent to another isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. Many people wait too long -- wasting time, money and energy -- trying to buy or sell a home with a mediocre agent. Sometimes, it’s best to just cut losses and move on. If an agent is exhibiting any of the 5 following qualities, it’s time to seriously consider a change.

The Agent Doesn’t Listen
Whether it’s buying or selling, the key to a successful real estate transaction is good communication between the client and their agent. Strong listening skills are crucial for real estate agents. If an agent isn’t listening, they are wasting their client’s time and money.

For example, when a buyer and their agent are sifting through the many Encino homes for sale, it’s absolutely vital that the agent takes into account exactly what the buyer is looking for. Otherwise, the buyer will just be wasting their time touring houses that they have no interest in to begin with.

The Agent Doesn’t Pick Up Their Phone or Reply to Emails
Again, this issue goes back to good communication, and it’s even worse than an agent who doesn’t listen. If an agent doesn’t listen the first time around, they are wasting their client’s time. When an agent doesn’t respond to urgent request, however, it can make or break a deal.

The Agent is Only Concerned about Their Commission
Every Encino real estate agent is required by Californian law to have fiduciary duty to their client. What this means is that the agent must always act in the best financial interest of their client. If an agent seems more concerned with their commission than their client, then it’s time to switch.

The Agent Keeps Dropping the Ball
For most people, an agent making the occasional small mistake here and there is fine -- after all, no one is perfect. But when an agent is constantly dropping the ball -- that is, missing paperwork deadlines, scaring off leads, or ruining negotiations -- there comes a point where enough is enough.

Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right
Sometimes, that gut feeling is more than just a gut feeling. If a buyer or seller of Encino real estate suspects that their agent is acting in an illegal, unethical and immoral manner, it’s time to switch -- the potential liability simply isn’t worth it. When making the choice to file a complaint or report, however, just make sure to have evidence beyond a “gut feeling”.

Ultimately, of those who aren’t happy with their agents, many haven’t made the switch for two main reasons: (1) They have signed an exclusive representation agreement or (2) they’re not sure how to go about the switch in an appropriate, professional and polite manner.

For the former group, it’s possible to request that their broker assign a new agent to the case. When it comes to switching Encino real estate firms while still obligated to remain by a contract, it’s highly recommended to get legal consultation to assess potential options.

For the latter group, or those who haven’t signed any exclusive representation contracts, an email or letter explaining that the agent’s services are no longer required will suffice. Any professional agent will be able to handle the rejection; it’s the nature of the profession.

At the end of the day though, it’s important to remember that a real estate agent is providing a service to their client -- not the other way around. For most people, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision one will ever make. Don’t settle for a lesser real estate agent.

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