Endsleigh Car Insurance Compares Electric Cars and Looks at Future of Hybrid Car

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The need for environmentally friendly cars has become more and more evident as our carbon footprint continuously grows. At the 2009 Detroit Auto Show two of the world's leading automotive manufacturers unveiled their proposed solutions to the environmental impact of our cars to the world.

Toyota and Chevrolet both revealed their brand spanking new hybrids, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled the 2010 Prius and Chevrolet showcased their brand new Volt. So which is better?

Luckily insurance companies will extend car insurance discounts regardless of which one of these models you drive, considering their less harmful effects on the environment, Endsleigh car insurance investigates.

The Toyota Prius

The Prius has long been the benchmark for hybrids and the latest model is no different. As standard it is available with a Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) and Toyota claim that it is the best hybrid technology available. The Prius' weight has been lowered and its power train has been completely redesigned to give the vehicle more power, something that has been lacking in environmentally friendly vehicles, up until now, apparently. The Prius looks better than previous models as well and according to Endsleigh car insurance driving a "green" car will save you a couple of quid on your car insurance premiums!

The Chevrolet Volt

The brand new Volt is a little different to the Prius because of one main aspect, it needs to charge its battery, but don't despair says Endsleigh cheap car insurance, the Volt does have some great advantages. The Volt is known as an E-REV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) and its 120kw / 106bhp electric motor is powered by a 16kw lithium-ion battery.

It only has three cylinders that run on regular fuel and it can reach up to (according to General Motors) 50mpg on its petrol engine and up to 32 mpg on its electric motor, which is rather impressive. It is also a much better looking car than the Prius and you will still receive car insurance discounts from your insurance provider because of its low CO2 emissions.

So there it is, two great hybrid vehicles to help minimise carbon emissions and even saving drivers a couple of quid on car insurance along the way!


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