The New HighChi Pendant with the Best Life Enhancing Tool on the Market is Upgraded to the Quantum Energy Level: Both Now More Protective and More Powerful

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The Elegant Round 1-Inch HighChi™ Pendant Worn Alone or with The MegaChi™ Pendant is The Best Life Enhancing Tool On The Market.

This beautiful pendant radiates energy as if from a higher dimension

The latest test results from Don Paris PH.D., inventor of the SE-5 machine (measures subtle energy), further validates with "Really awesome results" that the HighChi™ Pendant and the MegaChi™ Pendants really work. Together, with the Kirlian Photos taken of subjects, there is proof of a dramatic shift of energy. The Biofeedback studies indicate a higher level of focus, stress reduction and calming. These Pendants Work. The Pendants are available at:,, and

From the expertise of John Civitan, Master Radiestesiest and researcher, this recent Energy upgrade far surpassed all expectations. Using Dr. David Hawkins's method of Kineseology this Energy upgrade rates at 1,000. The MegaChi™ Pendant now more powerful and with the addition of the beautifully balanced HighChi™ Pendant, adds more White Light, Divine Energy and protection to the wearer, along with more of the Higher Harmonic of God to enhance abundance and success.

Oxygen Research Institute LLC's President, Deborah Stuart, visionary researcher and designer, has once again beat all expectations with her newest creation the Elegant HighChi™ Pendant. Her Pendant, is beautifully designed in sacred geometric patterns with an Egyptian flair. "This beautiful pendant radiates energy as if from a higher dimension," Stuart said. She went on to say, "The HighChi™ Pendant is specifically designed so that the energy comes out through the opening in the center and then flows directly down and into the body. The back is tastefully inscribed with the inspiring words: Love, Bliss, Hope, and Gratitude to invoke and imbody these qualities."

Mary A. Thomas, Director of Marketing of these Pendants for worldwide distribution, as well as a master healer, spiritual teacher and author, said, "These Pendants never cease to amaze me! When I started to experience symptoms of the 'change of life' a few months ago, a meditation led me to experiment with wearing multiple Pendants at the heart, solar plexus and sackral Chakras. The continuous heightened level of God's Divine Energy I feel wearing multiple Pendants is so incredibly wonderful, I will never go back to wearing only one. The wearers aura grows larger and brighter with each addition. We believe from our own experience and those of our customers this quickens the transformation, and eases the rise in resonance. It is marvelous beyond words! I feel more continuously connected to my Higher Self. Customers reported using Kineseology to test which pendants on the market to buy. Ours always came out on top! It Works."

The New HighChi™ Pendants are available in Sterling Silver $249.99, plated with 18Kt. gold $299.99, or 14Kt. solid gold $999.99 each. The 18Kt. gold plated MegaChi™ Pendants priced at $249.99 each. Lifetime Guarantee. Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome. For more information, please visit: /

Contact Information:

Mary A. Thomas, Owner and CEO.

The World's Healing Center of the U.S.

Life Enriching Technologies of the U.S.

Director of Marketing for Worldwide Distribution of the MegaChi™ and HighChi™ Pendants

P.O. Box 27944

Denver, CO 80227-0944

Phone: 1-(303) 980-1562

Toll-Free U.S. 1-(888) 237-0190

Fax: 1-(303) 980-1582

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