As Winter Weather Approaches, More Utility Companies Spotlighting Duct Seal As A Critical Part Of Their Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

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Potomac Energy, PSO and Others Offer Rebates of 45% or More On Aeroseal Duct Sealing and Other Energy Savings Projects

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Aeroseal Duct Sealing - From The Inside

Aeroseal is the only duct sealing solution that works from the inside of the ductwork.

Utility companies across the country are increasingly rewarding homeowners for sealing their duct systems, with incentives and rebate programs that pay up to 50 percent or more for the sealing process. The importance of home air duct sealing is also receiving increased attention in “how to” articles, “energy savings tips” and other consumer information offered by a growing number of energy-conscience utility companies.

In a recent customer blog post, Louisville Gas And Electric Company (LG&E) listed duct sealing as the first tip in saving on home energy costs. The utility company is backing up this tip with a new energy conservation program that offers homeowners up to $1,000 rebate on duct sealing projects. According to LG&E, most of their customers lose up to 20 percent of air-conditioned or heated air before it reaches the target rooms. EPA calculations indicate that effective air duct sealing can save customers, on average, $300 or more on their annual energy bill.

“Until recently, duct sealing didn’t appear as a prominent energy conservation option within most rebate programs,” said Neal Walsh, of Aeroseal. “That’s because there really wasn’t an effective solution to the problem. The use of tape and mastic can only seal the easily accessible leaks – usually not enough to have much of an impact on energy usage. With the introduction of aeroseal duct sealing technology, this has all changed – and that’s being reflected in the new rebate programs being offered.”

Aeroseal, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and others, is the first air duct sealing solution that seals leaks from inside the ductwork, eliminating the need to tear into existing walls or insulation to access the leaks. Applied as a non-toxic aerosol mist, Aeroseal is 95% effective at sealing leaks throughout a home’s entire duct system.

Due to the role that effective duct sealing can play in home energy savings, Potomac Edison of Maryland recently launched a home performance incentive program that offers homeowners a rebate of up to 50% off on the cost of duct sealing their homes. The new program is focused specifically on air sealing, insulation and duct sealing projects. The program begins with a full energy audit conducted by a certified home performance professional.

“To ensure there is real energy savings, the program requires a pre- and post- testing of the home to measure results,” said William May, senior program coordinator, Honeywell Utility Solutions. “The beauty of Aeroseal is that the process already includes pre and post testing of the duct system. Homeowners actually receive a report that specifies exactly how much leakage there is before and after the aeroseal process is applied.”

In Oklahoma, a new rebate program provides PSO utility customers with a choice of receiving either a “standard’ rebate or “performance-based” rebate for their energy savings projects. The standard rebate path offers homeowners a rebate of 20% - up to $1,800 - on the cost of duct sealing. If the custom chooses the performance path, he or she may receive up to 50% of the cost of duct sealing ($4,000 maximum), based upon the amount of energy saved.

“Studies show that in most cases, aerosealing your ductwork can be a much more effective means of reducing your home energy bill than replacing windows, insulating your attic, upgrading your appliances or even installing solar panels,” said Walsh. “The increased spotlight on duct sealing, along with the growing number of duct sealing incentive programs offered by utilities, is having a real impact on the HVAC industry. Aeroseal is quickly rising as a top-of-mind solution for those looking to conserve energy and reduce their home utility bill.”

For more information on duct sealing or Aeroseal duct sealing technology, visit or call (937) 428-9300.

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