ADDING MULTIMEDIA Tendril Enables "The Fifth Fuel" – Energy Efficiency : Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem™ Allows Utilities and Consumers to Communicate, Collaborate and Create "Smart Energy for Life"

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Smart metering that actively engages the consumer and utility in two-way communication is the critical foundation needed to further develop the 'smart grid.' Integrated solutions that provide utilities with regulatory-friendly, scalable platforms and empower households to take an interest in managing their consumption will not only validate AMI, but go a long way in making it a reality.

Tendril, a leading provider of Residential Energy Management Systems (REMS) for the utilities industry and its consumers, today announced availability of its Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem™ (TREE™). The TREE is a consumer-centric, end-to-end REMS (consisting of both hardware and software solutions) designed to support smart energy devices for the home. When used in conjunction with smart grid systems and emerging advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), the TREE allows, for the first time ever, real-time, two-way communication between consumers and their energy providers. The TREE offers multiple benefits to both consumers and utilities alike:           --


  -- Increased visibility and control of energy usage   -- Cost savings   -- Reduced environmental impact   -- Ability to compare and benchmark energy consumption against peers   --


  -- More information on consumer usage patterns for better demand forecasting   -- Ability to influence energy consumption behaviors during peak times   -- A single platform for enabling demand response, energy efficiency and variable pricing programs

The Market Need for Energy Efficiency Solutions

The electricity market is capacity constrained yet world generation continues to rise and is expected to reach 30 billion kWh by 2030, according to the Galvin Electricity Initiative. Residential consumers, which currently account for 30 percent of worldwide consumption, are the fastest growing consumer of energy. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that electricity prices will climb an average of 9.8% in 2009. The Benefits of Energy Efficiency Solutions

If households had digital tools to control consumption and price preferences, peak loads on utility grids could be cut by up to 15 percent, translating into $70 billion dollars saved over a 20-year period on new power plants and infrastructure expenditures (U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory). Together with utilities' deployment of AMI and smart grid technologies, residential outages may have the potential to be reduced by 30 to 40 percent (Galvin Electricity Initiative). In a recent trial by Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), 319 customers with in-home technology reduced on-peak period demand by 47 percent (1.33 kW) on critical peak days. A majority of customers with in-home technology achieved bill savings with 87 percent of customers saving an average of $102/year. The Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE)

The TREE is an end-to-end REMS solution designed to connect utility back office systems, emerging advanced metering systems and home-based smart energy devices for increased insight into and consumer control over energy usage. The TREE is the first REMS solution with an open, standards-based architecture that provides integration with any ZigBee® Smart Energy certified product for the home. The TREE is comprised of the following components:             --

TREE Server is an open, extensible software platform designed to simplify and expedite the deployment and management of REMS. The server is designed to scale from trials to large-scale rollouts seamlessly and provides open APIs and interfaces for utility back-office integration and applications development. The TREE server supports broadband and AMI meter backhaul network environments.


Utility programs and applications that enable a turnkey REMS for energy providers to easily and effectively roll out smart energy programs and solutions to their customers. This rich set of standard programs supports energy efficiency, demand response and pricing programs.


The Utility Management Center provides utilities and energy companies with a modular and interactive control center to interface with the TREE from the utility's operations centers. The Utility Management Center provides the capability for remotely monitoring and managing large Home Area Network (HAN) deployments across the utility's service area, from a single Web interface, and offers advanced modules for application programs such as demand response and direct load control. The Utility Management Center contains several interfaces that are licensed separately including live monitoring and diagnostics, text message communications, customer information management, remote firmware updates and data and analytics tools.


Consumer electronic devices, which are SE-compliant and integrated to provide users with unprecedented insight into and control of household consumption and cost. In-home smart devices now available include Tendril Insight(TM), an in-home display providing real-time information and visibility into energy consumption; Tendril Volt(TM), an electrical outlet that can be mounted over and used in place of a standard home outlet to monitor the energy efficiency of any electrical appliance or device; Tendril Echo(TM), which extends the range of a Smart Energy network for large areas or access to hard-to-reach places; and Tendril Transport(TM), an IP-to-ZigBee gateway. TREE also supports third-party smart energy devices.


Consumer-centric software, in the form of Tendril Vantage(TM), allows households to manage their consumption and in-home network via a Web portal, mobile device or, for those without broadband access, directly on the in-home display itself.


"With our revolutionary technology, Tendril is addressing a consumer's latent desire to have more information about their energy usage and the power to control it. By creating a REMS solution that enables two-way communication between the providers and consumers of energy, we are bringing energy efficiency out of the dark ages and making it a reality." – Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril. "Smart metering that actively engages the consumer and utility in two-way communication is the critical foundation needed to further develop the 'smart grid.' Integrated solutions that provide utilities with regulatory-friendly, scalable platforms and empower households to take an interest in managing their consumption will not only validate AMI, but go a long way in making it a reality." – Karen Blackmore, research director, Energy Insights, an IDC company "Utilities are facing historic pressures, including antiquated infrastructure, higher energy costs and increased demand, all of which are forcing them to reanalyze their business and how they service customers. Improved energy efficiency measures are one way to address these challenges but they cannot be realized without extending the reach of AMI implementations into the home." – Kurt Yeager, executive director, Galvin Electricity Initiative "Major energy utilities across the country are installing smart meters, but this is only half the battle to realizing the full benefit of AMI. It will take solutions like the Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem to turn the capabilities and communications of these smart meters into information that consumers can use to manage and reduce their energy consumption." – Mike Burns, senior product manager, Itron "Solutions that support the ZigBee wireless standard, like those from Tendril and Ember, will enable homeowners and utility companies to work together to reduce household energy consumption, save money and manage peak load demand situations on the electric grid. With this technology, consumers can gain knowledge of their energy consumption patterns that are critical to make informed decisions on usage and improve efficiency." – Bob LeFort, CEO, Ember Corporation SUPPORTING RESOURCES

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About Tendril

Tendril enables true 21st century energy efficiency by establishing a dialog between consumers and their energy providers. The Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem™ is an open, extensible and standards-based Residential Energy Management System (REMS) that seamlessly connects "smart" consumer devices (like thermostats and outlets) to existing utility back office applications and rich consumer portals, allowing consumers and energy companies to communicate, collaborate and create -- Smart Energy for Life™.


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