Enlarged Prostate Symptoms Have New Natural Solution without Harmful BPH Surgeries, Fine Treatment Reports

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Various post BPH surgery complications must be considered carefully before embarking on the no-return way of prostate treatment, especially when new Dr. Allen’s Device for Prostate Care can reduce the necessity for a prostate surgery by terminating prostate enlargement naturally, states Fine Treatment. Men can learn a lot from personal experiences of others, and make an informed choice.

Dr. Allen's Device for Prostate Care

Dr. Allen's Device for Prostate Care is designed as a belt and provides effective BPH treatment

BPH patients need to reconsider their treatment plans in favour of a harmless solution, namely the Thermobalancing therapy, which is natural and has a proven efficacy.

A new natural prostate therapy can protect men from BPH surgeries responsible for various side effects, while the use of Dr. Allen’s device improves blood circulation in the prostate tissue relieving enlarged prostate symptoms gradually, highlights Fine Treatment. Post-surgical complications vary some of which inevitably last over a life time. Even the most trivial complication, namely retrograde ejaculation, which is as common as in 85% of cases of the minimally invasive transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), leaves most men at least unhappy and often devastated.

Men’s-Health forum sees many men sharing their experiences on Retrograde Ejaculation after Prostate Surgery, describing retrograde ejaculation as highly distressing. For instance, a message posted on 16 October 2008 says, “I am a 55yr old male I had the surgery 5 yrs ago. I miss the release and the ability to ejaculate, I have tried several things but nothing has ever seemed to work. I am thankful that I can at least maintain an erection but even that is not as strong as it was before.” Another example is a note made on 2 November 2011, "I had a TURP operation Aug 19th and was never told about retrograde ejaculation as being part of the results. I am angry, depressed and very unsettled about the blog I am reading here and all the men that are misinformed, this should be a priority to inform all men of any procedures that can not only alter your sex life but your life as well!”

So, a man with prostate enlargement, and without an urgent need for a surgery, ought to reconsider his treatment plan in favour of the natural Thermobalancing therapy that cleanses the prostate gland by improving the blood circulation inside this organ. Please watch a video: h http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCFy_jZgCLw.

“Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is a possible complication following prostate surgery," states the American Urological Association Foundation. "The erectile dysfunction occurs because the nerves that stimulate the penis for an erection sit near the prostate. Removing the prostate and surrounding tissue may damage the nerves for erections.”

“Surgeries for patients with BPH can develop erectile dysfunction and impotence,” says Dr. Allen. “BPH patients need to reconsider their treatment plans in favour of a harmless solution, namely the Thermobalancing therapy, which is natural and has a proven efficacy.”

Read more at http://www.finetreatment.co.uk/prostatetreatmentbph/prostatitistreatment.html.

About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:
Dr. Simon Allen is a highly experienced medical professional. His specialty is in the internal medicine and cardio-vascular field, and he has treated patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions. Fine Treatment exclusively offers Dr Allen’s devices for chronic prostatitis and BPH, coronary heart disease, dissolving kidney stones, as well as back pain treatment and sciatica relief.

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