MJ Gottlieb from N2ITIV Solutions Posts A New Video Sending A Warning to The So-Called Experts

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MJ Gottlieb from N2ITIV Solutions Sends A Warning to The So- Called Experts With His Newest Post, "There Is No Such Things As An Expert"

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I just wish people would understand how ignorant they sound when using these words. Bottom line, there is no such thing as an expert, I don’t care who you are

MJ Gottlieb, co-founder of the quickly growing entrepreneurial blog, N2ITIV Solutions has posted a new video for those self-proclaiming to be gurus and experts of their industry.

Gottlieb discusses how self-proclaimed gurus and experts are creating a barrier of entrance for many aspiring entrepreneurs looking to get into business for the first time.

Gottlieb states, “Basically you’re psyching them out. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to get into a particular market believe that these so called experts are so far down the road that they feel it is pointless for them to even begin. This is the furthest thing from the truth.”

Gottlieb believes that when someone says they are an expert in any industry basically they are saying that the person knows everything and there is nothing else for the person to learn which, he believes is nonsense.

Gottlieb adds, “So what happens when you learn something new the next day? Are you suddenly more of a guru or more of an expert? Nonsense.”

Gottlieb reminds entrepreneurs that everyone started in the same place, knowing the same thing, nothing. Bottom line, everybody starts at the beginning, and Gottlieb thinks people forget that. He believes far too many people talk more than they listen, especially talking about themselves, which he believes prevents an entrepreneur from getting better at their craft.

“Before there was an Apple there was a Steve Jobs and his sales were zero, just like everyone else’s is when they start.”

Gottlieb thinks this is also very common in blogging and social media. Gottlieb notes, “I can’t tell you how many people have self-proclaimed titles in their social media profiles or in their about us section of their blogs. If we took them at their word, I think there are more gurus in social media than there are actually people in social media. It is quite humorous, as I often don't know if I want to laugh or cry.”

This is one of the reasons why Gottlieb never puts a title on his business card, never has and never will. It comes down to the same issues of ego and not being authentic.

Gottlieb talks about how he has grown to love the quote, ‘I am a legend in my own mind’. He adds, "I don’t know who came up with it but I think its great because it is so true. People really need to get over themselves.”

Gottlieb thinks that, whatever a person does, they should study it, get really good at it and make it their craft.

“People need to learn to be students of the game and know that no matter how much they know there is always someone out there who knows more than them and I think that’s great because it keeps me constantly thriving to know more.”

Gottlieb believes that, in order for a person to feel some level of authority in a given field, they need to narrow their focus on one thing and that people tend to focus on one thing one minute, and then move on to something else the moment something becomes too challenging for them. For this reason he believes that far too many people tend to be mediocre at a lot of things instead of being the best they can be in one area. Trying to be the jack of all trades can be a big hindrance to one’s development as an entrepreneur.

Gottlieb is inspired that no matter how good he gets, he knows there are always people who will be better than him and know more than him. “It is what keeps me going. The moment I get to one level of success, knowing there is someone else doing better motivates me to get better. No matter how much I know, knowing there is someone that knows more keeps me from being complacent, which can often times lead us into the entrepreneur’s abyss."

Gottlieb notes that even the greatest people in a given field, always talk about their ability to get better and work on their weaknesses and further their strengths.

“I just wish people would understand how ignorant they sound when using these words. Bottom line, there is no such thing as an expert, I don’t care who you are. “

N2ITIV Solutions, founded by MJ Gottlieb and Gary O'Neil, is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the implementation of creative business strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses increase their brand awareness and monetize their businesses online.
For more information, please visit http://www.n2itivsolutions.com

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