Tips for Entrepreneurs to Run a Profitable E-Commerce B2B or B2C Business by Rasna Bedi - Online Marketing Consultant

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The cost, online marketing strategy to employ and the support staff required to run a profitable E-Commerce B2B or B2C business online. By Rasna Bedi, MBA (Online Marketing Consultant at OMguru - Online Marketing Guru).

Rasna Bedi, MBA - Online Marketing Consultant at OMguru - Online Marketing Guru presents tips, cost, strategy to employ and the support staff required to run a profitable E-Commerce B2B & B2C business online.

A web presence with an E-Commerce website for B2B and B2C business selling an industrial product or a luxury high end product is a requirement in Web 2.0 age.

The Y generation searches for products on search engines or recommends them on social media sites using laptops, netbooks and smartphones. A business that is not visible on internet or not indulging in sound online marketing strategy stands to loose substantial revenues.

It is more cost effective for a business to build an E-Commerce Website and market online than to open another brick and mortar or physical outlet for business expansion.

Prospects rate businesses in 5 seconds or less by either bouncing of a poorly developed website or staying long enough to shop and/or buy the product. Therefore for a successful e-commerce campaign, it behooves a company to spend upfront for a visually appealing as well as robust and functional website. A well designed e-commerce site allows small to medium sized business to compete with bigger businesses on the internet. It is more easy to comparison shop on the internet than it is to drive from one physical location to another.

Checklist for E-Commerce Website
1.    A Great Quality E-Commerce Web Presence. (Intuitive in navigation, modern looks and easily accessible).
2.    An up to date inventory on the e-commerce website.
3.    A detailed and well written description of products.
4.    A reasonable price for products.
5.    An excellent marketing strategy targeted to potential & repeating customer.

In-house checklist for E-Commerce Web Campaign
1.    A toll free number
2.    A live chat if possible
3.    Customer service available for posted hours
4.    Easy return or exchange policy
5.    Free shipping or promos of free shipping
6.    A data entry person to import & update inventory to e-commerce site
7.    A person familiar with company's products & policy with good writing skills to accurately write description for products, promptly respond to customers with email, write blogs etc...

Depending upon the size of a company and nature of business, some employees function can be combined. Eg: A customer service representative can double up as a data entry person. Small to medium sized enterprises (SME) can also outsource the content writing of blogs & product description to content writers available at OMguru-Online Marketing Guru.

Cost of operating an E-Commerce Store:
The design and development of an E-commerce website. (One-time initial outlay; & ongoing to continue enhancements). [Think of it as leasing or buying a store and then ongoing as more fixtures and furniture etc.. are added].

The hosting of website (monthly expenditure). Can grow as per data and increase in customer orders - Good problem to have!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): (Monthly Investment) This is usually a 12 or 15 month contract. An e-commerce website must be ranked on major search engines such as google, yahoo & bing for business related keywords to draw traffic to the e-commerce website. This is akin to having a business listed in yellow pages. SEO efforts take a few months to increase traffic and continue to maintain and/or improve position.

Pay Per Click (PPC): will kick start immediate traffic while SEO efforts take time to get ranked on search engines. The PPC campaign is allocated as per marketing budget. A PPC campaign can continue after SEO efforts pay off with rankings on first pages, to capture the maximum real estate, so that online competitors are pushed to lower pages.

Web Analytics - Monthly (recommended) or Quarterly for companies on a tight budget. Web Analytics of online e-commerce activity is what a financial report is for a business. It shows & analyzes where customers are coming from, what keywords are bringing them in, which pages they are spending time on, why they are exiting without buying etc.. This assists internet marketing consultants to tweak online performance to get the maximum gain for the company's marketing dollars.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Monthly Investment. This is an investment because this is akin to building brand awareness and goodwill for the company which is an asset. A social media presence is necessary to answer customer's questions, to solve their problems, to educate them on the latest trends in industry. SMM is also responsible for increasing online revenues virally. This is like word of mouth referral in the physical realm.

Landing Pages: Promotion time or when engaging in PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign. Landing pages are like flyers that are sent out during promotion time to generate an increase in sales. A well design & targeted campaign, will substantially increase online sales and revenues.

Email Marketing: Monthly Expense. A valid permission based email marketing list of prospects and customers is the biggest asset that an online company can have. This allows a company to send customers and prospects information about new products or reminders to buy previously purchased products. Email Marketing can also be automated to send confirmations as soon as orders are placed or shipped.

To create a classy, elegant and robust e-commerce website and to formulate a revenue building online marketing strategy, email, or call at +1-949-450-9991 to request 1st Free consultation. OMguru is a full service Internet Marketing firm. For those companies having in-house marketing department, OMguru offers Online Marketing Consultation (just as you would consult with a CPA, even when you have in-house accountants).

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