High-Tech, Carbon Fiber Manure Fork Tops Christmas List

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Forget about Maids a-Milking or Geese a-Laying, this years "pick of the season" goes to the battery powered, carbon fiber equipped, high-tech auto-sifting manure fork from Equi-Tee Manufacturing. The Horse Radio Network chose the Shake'n Fork as its ultimate "horse husband" gift, topping their list as the must-have product for horse (or reindeer) owners.

While the price of a powered Shake'n Fork might seem a bit off-putting at first, they last forever and mine have proven themselves to be a great value

If your stable help follows the advice of Glenn "The Geek" on the popular Stable Scoop radio show, those reindeers stalls are going to be a lot cleaner in the coming year, all thanks to Glenn's announcement that the motorized Shake'n Fork is the best Christmas gift of 2011. Billed as the worlds first auto-sifting manure fork, this remarkable gadget brings joy to millions of horse owners who would rather be riding than mucking stalls.

Barrel racer Debbie Dehass cleans eleven stalls daily and says this about her Shake'n Fork, "With the Shake’n Fork it takes less time and energy to efficiently clean the bedding in my horses’ stalls, leaving them with an almost manure-free bed. In addition, the Shake’n Fork saves me money by minimizing the amount of shavings we now have to throw away. The carbon fiber version is so light weight, and while several hundred dollars is a lot for a pitchfork, if something works and saves me time and effort and saves me money too, I’m one happy camper." She adds, "They would make a wonderful gift for someone who needs it but is too thrifty to buy one, they would love to have it!!"

In these days when, more than ever, every dollar counts, Equi-Tee president Joseph Berto explains the excellent return on investment when buying a Shake'n Fork: "You could give one superior-quality muck rake that lasts and also saves you money by keeping clean bedding in your stall and out of your wheel barrow. Or you could give several cheap ones, whose only guarantee is that they will break easily. For those with only 1 or 2 stalls or who enjoy the manual labor involved in cleaning, or who pick up outdoors where power sifting isn't necessary, we also make a non-powered $49.00 premium quality version that's as tough as our motorized one."

Horse trainer extraordinaire, Dale Tingle, whose horses win big on the Quarter Horse circuit, can't say enough about the toughness of Shake'n Forks: “With a 70 stall barn, my guys were going through 8-10 forks a month, but once we switched to Equi-Tee forks we haven't broken one since. Equi-Tee forks seem to hold up where the others break."

Whether buying a traditional manure fork or opting for the ease and efficiency of a motorized one, purchasing an Equi-Tee fork is an investment that quickly pays off. Long-time equestrian Jeanne DeBruce, owner of DeBruce Miniatures says, "I have other forks at our ranch, but Equi-Tee forks are what we use. You have no idea how much you'll save. Before Equi-Tee forks we were trucking off so much bedding. Now the clean bedding is sifted and stays in the stalls where it belongs."

Anastasia Burke, who writes for PRACTICAL HORSEMAN MAGAZINE and keeps the blog ALL ABOUT STANDARDBREDS, can't say enough about her Shake'n Fork: "When we bought it, everyone laughed--literally fell on the floor laughing at us. But we got the last laugh because our Shake'n Fork has saved us so much money. We use a combination of shavings and pine pellet bedding, and that Shake'n Fork sifts through it beautifully. We get immaculate stalls in half the time. Our vet even became a fan of the Shake'n Fork after seeing how beautiful our stalls are."

“Stalls are cleaner, animals are healthier, and costs associated with bedding replenishment and removal is greatly reduced,” said Berto. “Reducing the labor required to clean stalls results in savings for both the stable owners and their employees. This is an innovative tool that quickly pays for itself.”

Wendy Cathcart from Laura Lynn Equestrian Center concurs, "While the price of a powered Shake'n Fork might seem a bit off-putting at first, they last forever and mine have proven themselves to be a great value."

For more information on the innovative Shake'n Fork and other money-saving Equi-Tee products, visit the manufacturer's website, http://www.equiteemfg.com.


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