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With a winter nip already in the air, Equivet Animal Care Products Ltd advises horse owners and riders to prepare for the cold weather early. Stock up on the products your horse needs this winter.

Speed Bac Control

Adding extra vitamins and herbs to his feed is essential when he is spending longer periods stabled and less time enjoying pasture and exercise.

With a winter nip already in the air, Equivet Animal Care Products Ltd advises horse owners and riders to prepare for the cold weather early. Reduced access to pasture and limited exercise means extra care has to be taken to ensure your horse is getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins required to keep him healthy and strong during the winter months.

Now is the time to make sure you have adequate supplies to get you and your horse through the cold season and Equivet is here to help. From its popular Harmony and Speed ranges, Equivet offers seven essential products to help care for your horse during the harshest conditions. Each has been developed using nature’s finest herbs and active ingredients to soothe winter strains and ease ailments that are all too common for our four-legged friends.

The all-natural Harmony products include six feed supplements to complement his usual diet and a Speed topical application to help relieve his skin if mud fever strikes. The specially formulated products help aid horses’ winter digestion, fight coughs and allergies and soothe joints and muscles. So, whether it is a winter soother or seasonal maintenance you require, there’s a product for every horse, from ginger, vitamin E, minerals and probiotics through to calming products and bacteria controllers.

Supplementing your horse’s feed with natural ingredients helps keep him healthy from within all winter long. Here are some of Equivet’s winter essential supplements and applications:

  •     Vitamin E – This natural muscle soother is obtained from the soil in the summer months. However, limited access to pasture in winter means supplementing his diet with Vitamin E is essential to help stabilise lactic acid levels to keep muscles relaxed. (Harmony Super Vit E, 1kg, RRP £17.00)
  •     Ginger - Helps to rehabilitate tendons, joints and muscles after the busy summer eventing and showing. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal to introduce to the feed of injured, resting horses too. (Harmony Super Ginger Pearl, 750g, RRP £35.50)
  •     Chelated minerals - ensure optimum absorption of key nutrients during digestion and can help maintain peak condition in less active horses, making it ideal for winter usage. (Harmony Super Min, 1kg, RRP £12.50)
  •     Live yeast and probiotics - flooding the gut with ‘friendly bacteria’ enables it to perform to its maximum capability. (Harmony Super Balance, 1kg, RRP £20.00)
  •     Valerian – This natural root herb supports the body’s functions against fear and sensory overload, making it great to offer to unsettled, restless horses, who spend extended periods stabled. (Harmony Super Calm, 1kg, RRP £24.00)
  •     Liquorice root, rose-mallow root, garlic, ginko, hemp agrimony and buckwheat – These ingredients combine to offer horses relief from coughs and allergies, reducing his chances of suffering from an upset upper respiratory tract. (Harmony Super Breathe, 1kg, RRP £27.50)
  •     Active bacteria controller (a pro-biotic for the skin) – Applying this natural solution to the exposed parts of the skin helps remove harmful bacteria, reducing the chance of infection and providing a healthy skin. This is especially useful for use on legs, which are prone to mud fever to provide a protective layer between the horse and water. (Speed Bac Control, 250ml, RRP £13.00)

Giving your horse natural feed supplements and applying topical applications can help him through the harsh winter conditions. Adding extra vitamins and herbs to his feed is essential when he is spending longer periods stabled and less time enjoying pasture and exercise. Offering your horse soothers or seasonal maintenance is simple this winter thanks to Equivet Animal Care Products Ltd’s Harmony and Speed ranges. The products have been carefully created with nature’s finest ingredients and tested to ensure the flavour and texture appeal to horses, so he will enjoy taking them and you will have peace of mind during the winter.

For more information on Equivet Harmony and Speed contact Celia Gadd, Equivet Commercial Director on freephone 0808 108 4995, email info(at)equivetanimalcare(dot)com or visit the website: http://www.equivetanimalcare.com

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Notes to editors:

Equivet and Equivet Animal Care Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rectory Holdings Ltd and is a BETA member. As well as Harmony and Speed, products in the Equivet range include Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan Salt Licks, Equi-Treats and GGs Treats. Equivet also offers LaminTec 5-HT, Ruggle-IT, Protexin, Pernaval and Maxavita. All products are available to buy online as well as via Equivet’s network of distributors.

Equivet Harmony – for the ultimate performance throughout winter

Harmony Super Breathe, 1kg, RRP £27.50
Super Breathe contains a unique selection of herbs to fight against coughs and allergies of the upper respiratory tract. Containing liquorice root, rose-mallow root, garlic, ginkgo, hemp agrimony and buckwheat, this product aids breathing, performance and is effective against dust intolerances. It is ideal for competition horses as it maintains the horse’s performance level especially while galloping and competing.

Harmony Ginger Super Pearl, 750g, RRP £35.50
Super Ginger Pearl contains 50% pure ginger and is a unique, refined blend of premium herbs which supports the regeneration and rehabilitation of tendons, joints and muscle damage. It is designed for horses that are in training or young horses when they first begin training, as the soothing properties of the ginger and other herbs can help maintain healthy tendons. It is also effective on injured horses, as it can help speed up the recovery process.

Note: Ginger is a prohibited substance in under FEI rules, so owners that are competing in affiliated competitions need to stop feeding this product approximately two weeks before competing.

Harmony Super Calm, 1kg, RRP £24.00
Super Calm contains valerian and other natural herbs to support the body’s functions against fear, excitement and sensory overload. It uses natural ingredients to encourage a calmer, more peaceful horse. This is an ideal, cost-effective supplement for the leisure horse owner who hacks, competes unaffiliated or takes part in riding club competitions.

For horses competing under FEI rules product should be removed from the diet two weeks before competitions as Valerian is a prohibited substance.

Harmony Super Vit E, 1kg, RRP £17.00
Super Vit E works with selenium in the body to help relax muscles after exercise and keep your horse supple and in good health. For horses in hard training, or those that are stabled or on limited pasture, it is wise to supplement the diet with Vit E as it can help prevent tying up, muscle cramps and stiffness. The supplement has a pleasant taste as it contains dextrose and apple flavouring making it palatable to the horse.

Harmony Super Min, 1 kg, RRP £12.50
Super Min is an effective multi-spectrum vitamin and chelated mineral supplement specially formulated to ensure optimum absorption during digestion. Super Min reduces the stress that is put on the body during daily performance and can help maintain condition in less active horses. It is also a good way to ensure that horses on restricted grazing are receiving all the trace minerals and vitamins that they need.

Harmony Super Mag Calm B12, 1kg, RRP £26.50
Super Mag Calm raises the supply of dietary magnesium, which has been proven to have a calming effect in horses. The compound is also essential for bone growth in foals, young horses and for heavily pregnant mares. Containing high-quality magnesium and vitamin B12, it aids concentration for a more focused ride and is recommended as a calming product for more serious competitors.

Harmony Super Balance, 1kg, RRP £20.00, 500g, RRP £12.00
Super Balance probiotic contains live yeast culture especially grown to ensure more live and active ‘friendly’ bacteria flood the gut. It aids the digestive system, encouraging it to perform to its maximum capability, minimising the daily stress on the horse.

Equivet Speed - skin care and grooming products

Speed Bac Control, 250ml, RRP £13.00
Speed Bac Control is an active bacteria controller for exposed parts of the skin. It helps soothe dry legs and remove harmful bacteria, reducing the chance of infection. It can be used for skin complaints that are associated with seasonal mud and summer itching, as well as minor cuts and wounds. It can be applied directly to the leg and helps to dry the skin and remove bacteria and infections.

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