New DVD "Etiquette For The New Millennium" ( Offers 200 Ways to Increase Social and Financial Success in a 30-Minute Course in Good Manners, Focusing on Poise and Social Etiquette, Dining, Dating and Job Interview Etiquette

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For pre-teens, teens and young adults, the new DVD "Etiquette For The New Millennimum" ( is a 30-minute course in good manners, poise and social etiquette, dining, dating and job interview etiquette all for only $19.99, or one may purchase any of the DVD's featured etiquette sections for as little as $4.99 each.

Etiquette For The New Millennium

Etiquette for the New Millennium

''Etiquette For The New Millennium" ( ) is a new 30-minute, educational DVD developed, co-written, financed and executive-produced by Sayeh Saadat. It contains four sections: Poise and Social Manners, Dating Etiquette, Dining Etiquette and Job Interview Etiquette. A clear, easy-to follow, comprehensive course in good manners and acceptable social behavior, it offers 200 tips, social skills and tricks that are essential for success.

Although useful for anyone, ''Etiquette For The New Millennimum'' (see website is especially designed for pre-teens, teens and young adults, conveying the basics of traditional etiquette and classic manners. It is designed to help viewers quickly gain confidence and self-esteem, while learning social graces, poise and good conduct in the four important areas of social behavior. This video enlightens and entertains with reenactments by teenage actors, clean graphics and clear voice-over narration that reveal the most basic guidelines for presenting oneself at his or her best.

In today's competitive job market, at a time when kids are bombarded with bad influences from negative role models, this is just a reminder of how things should be. This valuable information is not taught in schools, and parents are often too busy to impart it fully. Although there are lots of terrific etiquette books on the market, many are long and detailed. ''Etiquette For The New Millennium'' imparts the same rules of behavior using video, which appeals to the MTV generation. The only etiquette video on the market, it is affordably available to everyone--not just to an exclusive group of affluent people.

"Two years ago I wondered why etiquette was not receiving the kind of attention that I felt would help young people, so I researched it," Sayeh Saadat recalls. "I gathered the essential Dos and Don'ts from various sources and set out to create something practical, understandable and easy for everyone to follow. I sifted through a mountain of etiquette rules and selected the key suggestions (and warnings) that I believe make a big difference. After all, the main principle of etiquette is to be gracious and kind to everyone equally, and that's not that hard. Since there was no such DVD on the market, I decided to make one."

Award-winning journalist Alan Waldman observes, "I found Sayeh Saadat's Etiquette DVD to be clear, concise, comprehensive and very helpful. There is a lot of good, sensible advice in it, along with warnings of common behaviors that will turn people off--like speaking loudly on cell phones in public. The DVD provided tips that were new to me, and I am glad to add them to my arsenal of positive social behaviors I recommend this well-priced course in making friends and influencing people to anyone."

Saadat observes, "For any desirable job there are at least 10-15 applicants and in an area like the entertainment industry there could be hundreds. Realistically, you only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression. An interviewer is primarily looking for intelligence, posture, appearance, communication skills and knowledge of the job and the company. So you need to think about what you are going to say and have your most intelligent answers ready.

A lot of dating guys can benefit from doing good old-fashioned things like asking for the date at least five days early, bringing flowers, making a reservation or buying movie tickets in advance, pulling out her chair, opening her door, making enjoyable conversation and being considerate. Girls on dates should mind their manners and behave in ladylike ways, just as their mothers told them."

At Saadat's website, one can see a free preview and download the entire DVD or any of its sections: Job Interview, for $7.99; Dating Etiquette, $4.99; Dining Etiquette, $4.99 and/or Poise and Social Manners $6.99. The DVD can be ordered and shipped as a gift.

About writer-producer Sayeh Saadat:
Sayeh Saadat was born in Iran and enjoyed a comfortable, privileged lifestyle in an educated, upper-middle-class family. In 1989, after a brief stay in Vienna, she moved to the U.S. to escape the repression of Iran's extremist Islamic dictatorship. Saadat earned a B.A. in Radio-Television-Film at California State University at Northridge. Over the past eight years she has worked at HBO and Paramount, as a film festival organizer, a magazine's film critic and a video producer who created her own company, My Dreem Production, in 2007. There she developed, co-wrote, financed and executive-produced "Etiquette For The New Millennimum."

About "Etiquette for the New Millennium":
Publisher: My Dreem Production; Website:
ISBN: 978-1-4276-3140-4; 30 minutes; $19.99
Wholesale: Tapeworm Video Distributors, Inc., Santa Clarita, CA;


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