Multiple Websites? Affiliate Network Costs High? No Control? Euraffiliates has Launched a Unique “affiliate software” to Create your Own “In-house Affiliate Network”

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Euraffiliates’ ”In-house Network Edition” affiliate software is the best solution for a merchant looking for “affiliate solutions of multiple websites”. They can build his their team of affiliates. They can stay in touch with them. They can motivate them to perform in all his websites. But they do not need pay half your profit to an affiliate network.

Euraffiliates In-house affiliate network

Euraffiliates In-house affiliate network, a Multidomain Affiliate Software

With Euraffiliates software, merchants can set up multiple affiliate programs for their multiple eCommerce websites under a single platform. Affiliates also need to manage only one account but can earn from multiple programs of their choices.

Euraffiliates has launched a new “multi-domain affiliate software” to create your own “In-house Affiliate Network”.

With Euraffiliates software, merchants can set up multiple affiliate programs for their multiple eCommerce websites under a single platform. Affiliates also need to manage only one account but can earn from multiple programs of their choices. Here it’s in detail:

  •     Single installation, multiple affiliate programs for multiple websites
  •     Domain wise cookie rule, commission structure, product and currency
  •     Domain wise promos/ads/links setup
  •     Domain wise affiliate content pages (information, terms etc)
  •     Affiliates can login through any website domain affiliate area
  •     Domain wise as well as overall performance reports and logs
  •     Affiliates and the admin can access all domains with a single login
  •     Single affiliate billing and payment for commission earned in all domains
  •     Central security and tracking system
  •     Central affiliate merchant communication system
  •     Switch domain option (both for affiliates and the admin) for the domain specific areas

And it is very easy to set up. The installation process ideally should take only 30 minutes (provided it the server meets the system requirement) including the upload time.

One can have a glimpse on the features at

Who needs it?

If a merchant have several ecommerce sites, he needs it. He could double your profit easily by managing his own affiliates from a single platform.

Here is how:

  • A merchant does not pay for a license for each of your ecom sites;
  • He can control his affiliate network easily from a single web page (or set of pages);
  • He can manage his affiliate team with the flexibility and power he need;
  • He can provide promotions, discount plans and links across all or any of their sites.
  • He can stay in charge, not some auto network software that cannot talk back.

The old way was to dump the products from multiple sites into one affiliate network or system. But managing that will make you grow grey before your time. A merchant will end up with an unmanageable number of links, forced “single merchant” settings and “cross domain links” that will have the big search engines gunning for you with heavy artillery.

Euraffiliates’ “In-house Network Edition” will take care of all the problems of a multiple website merchant.

How it is different from Affiliate Network Software like CJ or share-a-sale?

In an affiliate network the role of the network owner is basically like a middle man. If a person owns an affiliate network he can call 3rd party merchants to join the network – for a price. With Euraffiliates’ software he does not have to do that. It is not for making a public network, it is entirely his own in-house software program and network serving only his own sites.

Why not join CJ or shareasale instead of making own network?

Of course one can still join CJ or ShareASale, but he can operate his own system too. Joining an affiliate network is like join a trade organisation. One minute he is in touch with many people, then for some unforeseen reason, suddenly they fall away. A merchant can easily be in touch of a lot of affiliates but he loses contacts with them when you leave the network.

Even while a merchant is subscribed, access to the affiliates is restricted. If he advertises heavily to join his program in the network, affiliates will join the network first then his. Nothing can stop them to join your competitors program; or some other programme that offers the World to them. His investment washes away down the drain.

With his (merchant) own network he can work flexibly and remunerate flexibly. He is in control.

There is loads of info on the Euraffiliates website at Anyone can use the discount code “83*)dhdf5” to get 20% discount when he buys the product.

As experts in affiliate systems, one can trust Euraffiliates and earn money. As experts in affiliate systems, one can be sure we use them to our own advantage too. Anyone running a web development/SEO/Marketing/Blog/news website he can easily earn good money by just referring a few clients to One can learn more at .

What’s the offer?

(1) One month free trial, on purchase 10 domain license at only $399
(2) All Standard affiliate software features
(3) All Next-G tools including global module
(4) Free help to install, integrate and setup the system
(5) Optional free installation on request
(6) Free upgrades for one year

It is available for free download. More info is available at
Have any doubt? Need any clarification? Chat / Email Lutfal Hoque, Affiliate Software Specialist at . Skype: euraffiliates. Yahoo: Euraffiliates;


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